EB6 eBike Replacement Battery Pack

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Swagtron EB6 Electric Bike Replacement Battery.



Swap it. Lock it. Go! Keep the ride going with an extra battery pack for the EB6 Elite eBike.

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Swagtron EB6 Electric Bike Replacement Battery.
The ride doesn't have to end anytime soon. Grab an extra battery and go the distance.
    Take advantage of the eBike’s modular design. Swap out the battery with a fresh one whenever you need it.
    Weighing three pounds with a foldable handle, the extra battery can be easily carried wherever you go.
    Charge the battery in less than four hours, either while it’s connected to the EB7 or detached from it.

The EB6 Elite electric bike is designed with a swappable lithium-ion battery that’s lightweight and easy to carry. Now you can always carry an extra battery with you and keep the adventure going. The EB8’s key-secured battery can be charged while it’s attached to or detached from the eBike, so staying juiced up is convenient and hassle-free.

Swagtron EB6 Electric Bike Replacement Battery.
Battery Type
Litihum Ion
Battery Voltage
36V 7.8 Ah
Charging Voltage
110-220V / 50-60Hz / 42V 2A
Charging Time
4~5 Hours
Range Per Charge
20 Miles / 32.1 KM
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