What is the Best Hoverboard for Kids?

Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays or “just because,” many parents are looking for a hoverboard for their children. In fact, many people — ourselves included — feel like there is a “Hoverboard Renaissance” coming soon, fueled in part by battery technology improvements, stunning new designs and never-before-seen features. But with all the hoverboards on the market loaded with various features and functions, you’ll likely find yourself wondering which to pick? Should you go for the Bluetooth hoverboard or the off-road hoverboard? Which one is more suitable for your child?

Plus, sometimes, it seems kids have a tech language all their own, and that certainly can apply to hoverboards.  Don’t worry; we have your back. Here’s a lowdown on the best hoverboards for kids available from SWAGTRON®. 

Girl wearing a helmet and riding on the swagBOARD Twist Remix Hoverboard
Easy to learn. Quick to master. Absolutely fun to ride! The swagBOARD Twist Remix!

swagBOARD Twist Remix

The swagBOARD Twist Remix has a powerful, robust motor and a lithium-free battery that’s been designed with safety in mind, passing rigid electrical and charging safety tests. The battery takes just five hours to charge, so put your little one to bed, plug the hoverboard in, and it’s ready to go again when they are. 

Moving at speeds of up to 7 mph, this board is great for zipping around the neighborhood. It has a child-friendly deck and can be used almost anywhere. Plus, its water-resistant casing and durability help it stand up to all types of adventures. 

Happy kid wearing a helmet and riding a swagBOARD Twist.
No lights but no less impressive — the swagBOARD Twist!

A Note on Performance: Performance-based specs, including top speeds and range-per-charge, depend on a few variables. These include, but are not entirely limited to, such things as rider weight, pavement type, riding style and incline. A 200 lb. rider trying to climb a 20-degree incline might cruise a little slower than a 150 lb. rider on flat, even pavement.

What Makes It Good for Kids?

This hoverboard is excellent for children and beginners as it auto-balances, making it easy to ride confidently. Both mounting and dismounting are fairly straightforward because of this feature. With a little practice, your child can quickly learn the correct balance and riding techniques.

Also: who doesn’t love extra lights? Bright, colorful, and eye-catching, this unique hoverboard can make your child the envy of their friends. Equipped with LED lights, the swagBOARD Twist Remix produces a rainbow of colors as your child rides, allowing them to show off their personality. And parents love the LED headlights that help kids see — and be seen — while cruising around the neighborhood in low-light conditions.

The swagBOARD Twist

The swagBOARD Twist has the same build and performance specs of the Remix. It has a 250-watt motor, can reach speeds up to 7 mph, and is built with the same long-lasting durability. The only thing missing are the LED lights.

But it’s available in a choice of attractive colors that still lets your child express their personality and is a great entry-level hoverboard. It’s easy to learn proper balance techniques with this board as it self-balances. The swagBOARD Twist can be used on a variety of surfaces, including winding paths and smooth pavements.

Kid wearing a helmet and riding the swagBOARD T5.
Good for kids of all ages, from beginners to experts— swagBOARD T5 Classic!

What Makes It Good for Kids?

The Twist has the same auto-balancing technology as the Twist Remix. So mounting and dismounting will be easy-peasy for younger, inexperienced riders.

swagBOARD T5

Our swagBOARD T5 uses technology that helps it respond quickly for smoother navigation. It’s lightweight and reaches speeds of up to 6.8mph. Like all self-balancing boards, the T5 is controlled and steered by the rider’s balance, and the deck has been specifically designed for smaller feet. The footpad is slip-safe and offers excellent traction while riding. The swagBOARD T5 is great for both on and off-roading as it has a robust motor and wheel stabilization, which creates a smooth ride even on bumpy tracks. 

What Makes It Good for Kids?

This hoverboard features a “learning mode” that limits the upper speed of the hoverboard while increasing the response time. This helps beginner riders focus on balance and control first.  Once they’ve mastered the basics, they can switch to standard mode and travel at faster speeds. 

The Best Hoverboard For Kids, Ultimately

The swagBOARD Twist Remix can provide hours of fun with its funky lights that children of all ages love. The light-up swagBOARD Twist is one of SWAGTRON’s best-selling boards. It will definitely be a winner on Christmas morning. 

For older kids, the swagBOARD T5 is a perfect option. It creates a smooth ride and is easy to balance and learn to ride, especially for beginners. 

Three young kids standing on their swagBOARD T5 hoverboards.
From kids to young teens, there’s a swagBOARD that’s perfect for them.

All SWAGTRON hoverboards are manufactured using high-quality components and have industry-leading safety features, making them suitable for kids and adults alike. Whichever hoverboard you choose, you’ll likely find yourself regularly asking your child for a go! You may soon find yourself asking what’s the best hoverboard for adults

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