GADGETS OF THE DECADE: The Verge Names SWAGTRON Hoverboard Among Gadgets That Made A Difference And Defined The 2010s

The 2010s have been a decade full of gadgets, tech and trends, perhaps more so than any to come before it. From the simple (fidget spinners) to the futuristic (Google Glass) and the straight-up Sci-Fi (Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot ‘dog’), these gadgets have become intertwined in our existence on such a level that they may have helped define not only this window in time, but the way we lived our lives during it. So much so, that as we find ourselves in the last month of the 2010s, tech site The Verge compiled a list, “The Verge’s Gadgets Of The Decade: The 100 gadgets that made a difference and defined the 2010s.”

“TThe story of technology in the 2010s is the story of gadgets going from the corners of our lives to everywhere all the time,” writes The Verge. “The tools to create and consume culture are omnipresent now, offering us incredible new capabilities but also demanding that we care for them more than any consumer products in history.”

SWAGTRON hoverboard illustration. – The Verge

And among those that made history was our very own SWAGTRON hoverboard. The Verge ranked it for its overwhelmingly popularity in 2016, stating:

“…there is no doubt that hoverboards were a phenomenally successful gadget. People got really excited about them starting in 2015. Wiz Khalifa was arrested for riding one at the airport. J.R. Smith started using them after games. Jamie Foxx brought one on The Tonight ShowSwagtron’s Bluetooth-enabled hoverboard was the holiday gift of 2016.”

“The cultural zeitgeist has since moved on to electric scooters (or perhaps even electric skates?), but hoverboards will always remain a quirky footnote in the decade.”

We can live with quirky.

Thanks, The Verge.




Swagtron - Ride Like A Pro

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