Announcing the Swagger 7T Transport Electric Scooter (And Enter to Win One)

We just released our biggest, fastest, most SWAGGEST electric commuter scooter yet. Introducing the SWAGGER 7T Transport. And here’s your chance to win one as an early holiday gift for a loved one or, let’s be honest, for yourself. (Because you deserve it.)

The Swagger 7T looks good. There’s no other way to say it. But as good as it looks, it performs even better. Powered by a dynamic 350W motor (the largest motor on a SWAGTRON eScooter yet) and a high-capacity removable battery, this foldable eScooter can reach top speeds of 18 MPH with a travel range up to 18.9 miles on a single battery charge.

And that removable battery charges in just 5 hours. It can be charged while attached to or detached from the scooter. So you can purchase a second battery and keep it charged up and at the ready whenever you need extra power now.

Guy riding on the SG7T

Designed to make commutes faster, easier and better, especially for taller riders. The Swagger 7T delivers a comfortable ride for commuters up to 6’6”. Advanced user-activated options (cruise control, kick-start motor) can increase travel range by 25% and help raise your riding SWAG to new heights. And its ultra-resilient aircraft-grade aluminum frame delivers lasting durability for those who want to take their commuting seriously.

The Swagger 7T quickly folds down to 42.9 x 16.14 x 17.9 inches. This delivers extra portability when you’re out and about, or when you need to store the scooter in tight spaces.

Closeup of woman pulling a folded SG7T with ease.

The Swagger 7T is a serious electric commuter scooter for serious commutes. Fast speeds. Long travel time. Simple, responsive controls. But it’s not just for commuters. Anyone who wants a bit of extra SWAG in their lives will benefit from the solid design and rider-friendly features we’ve packed into the SWAGGER 7T Transport. Ride one for yourself and see the difference some extra SWAG makes.

✓ Dynamic 350-watt motor to reach top speeds of 18 MPH for up to 18.9 miles*
✓ IP54-rated, ultra-durable, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame
✓ Puncture-resistant, maintenance-free 10” honeycomb-style tires
✓ Comfortable ride for adults up to 6’6” with 220 lb. rider capacity
✓ Responsive rear disc brakes with “Autoguard” brake technology
✓ User-activated battery-saving options: cruise control & kick-start motor
✓ Integrated digital display with speedometer, battery indicator & more
✓ Folds down to 42.9 x 16.14 x 17.9” dimension
✓ Brake-activated taillight
✓ Attention-grabbing bell

* Performance-based specs such as top speeds and range per charge vary between rider and depends on a number of factors, including rider weight and pavement conditions.

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