Ride Like a Pro: Chicago Cubs Select Swagtron As Their Official Electric Ride

We have big news.

How big?

Well, SWAGTRON is now the official electric rideable brand for the Chicago Cubs.

Wait, the Chicago Cubs?

You bet — the one and only.

It all started when Cubs pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. was spotted riding across Wrigley Field before a game last August on his very own Swagtron Swagcycle eBike. The images, evoking a modern take on the storied bullpen carts of yesteryear, quickly made the rounds on social media. CJ loved it. So did fans. The rest, as they say, is hot dogs and electric bikes.

Couple riding the Swagcycle Pro, an official eBike of the Chicago Cubs

Sure, you might be thinking, pro sports teams and brands get together all the time, what makes this so special?

For one thing, it’s historic. This is the first time that a major league baseball team has endorsed a bike or scooter, much less the electric variety. If you are a baseball advertising savant, you might be thinking, “Hey, Yogi Berra endorsed Shelby bicycles back in the 1950s!” And you’d be right, but that was not a team endorsement.

And bicycles have come a long way since Yogi’s day . . . .

Young gentleman next to the SWAGTRON EB5, an official electric bike of the Chicago Cubs

This is what a modern electric bike looks like. It comes with tons of features like a silent-but-powerful electric motor, compact folding frame, multiple speed settings, disc brakes, suspension system, LED headlights, a companion app and even a USB port, so you can charge your mobile device on the go. About the only thing that’s the same as it was in Yogi Berra’s day is the kickstand. And spokes, we still use spokes.

But we didn’t come here to talk about spokes or classic cruisers. We came to talk about being the official electric bike, scooter, skateboard and hoverboard of America’s favorite baseball team.

There are some intangibles that make this new partnership really click. Culture-wise, it’s a pretty amazing fit. Electric bikes and scooters are a green, efficient way to get around, but they’re also heaps of fun. There’s something about riding one that makes you feel like a kid again. Kind of how we felt sitting behind home base in Wrigley Field at a recent Cub’s game!

Couple riding the Swagger 5 Elite eScooter, the official electric scooter of the Chicago Cubs

But that’s just one reason that our new partnership with the Cubs is a home run. The Cubs dig our products, and, well, it’s hard not to admire a class act like the Chicago Cubs. Let’s face it, they’re considered “America’s favorite team” for a reason.

This little mutual admiration society we’re putting together will soon find more Cubs players on Swagtron scooters and electric bikes and Swagtron attending and supporting Cubs activities throughout the off-season, spring training and the 2019 season.

Close up of the Swagboard Twist T882 with LED wheels, the official hoverboard of the Chicago Cubs

This partnership is a very good thing for Cubs fans and Swagtron fans alike. Why? Because we will be doing a lot of cool things together, and those things are never as much fun unless you can share them with friends. You — yes, you reading this blog post. If you made it this far, you are almost certainly a friend. Friends like you should be sure to connect with us and the Cubs on social media or email. That way, when the cool stuff we’re doing this year is announced, you will be among the first to learn about it. Fans who are first to learn about events and promotions will have the best chance to participate, and participation is big. Participants can get Cubs stuff, can get Swagtron stuff . . . or better yet . . . for those special winning participants, it could be the experience of a lifetime.

There are a whole host of things we are collaborating on with the Cubs, and we’re saving the best stuff just for you.

A Stack of SWAGTRON gifts

Since there is so much cool stuff we are planning to do with the Cubs over the next year, you will want to watch this space, our social channels (Links below!) and the official Cubs’ channels as well. If you’re an old school fan, you can always sign up here to get on our mailing list.

The holidays are quickly approaching, and our current vision of sugarplums involves Clark the Cub, but we’ll say no more. If you are looking for holiday gift ideas for the Cubs fan in your life, consider our offering. All Swagtron scooters, bikes and boards are now straight-up, official Cubs authorized products. If you’re in The Windy City and looking for a new way to get to “The Friendly Confines,” look us up. We’ll be at Wrigley, we’ll be at Sloan Park, we’ll be on Michigan Ave. All you have to do is show up and ride like a pro.

And remember, kids . . . renting is for Rookies.


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