Review of SWAGCYCLE Classic Pedal-less Electric Bike

Review for SWAGCYCLE Classic Pedal-less Electric Bike

I love the portability and even the ride is smooth and seamless.. My only gripe is I caught a flat in the back tire and the only way to get it repaired is by going online and submitting a repair request.. Wait for them to respond and send me a return authorization the take it to UPS to ship which they charged me 32.00 (NOT FREE SHIPPING) And now I’m waiting to get the estimate, because its not covered under the warranty.. I’ve only had the bike for two months.. Had I known this I would not have purchased it.. Getting a flat tire is on a bike is common.. I can’t believe I have to go through so much to get it repaired! ???

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  1. Swagtron™ supplies prepaid UPS labels for the RMA process upon request.

    The label is generally attached next to the RMA form in your email from Swagtron™

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