First Steps: Unleashing Your K8 Titan Kick Scooter

Shakespeare was a titan of literature.

Wayne Gretzky was a titan of hockey.

Skrillex is a titan of dubstep.

The word “titan” means something. That’s why we chose it with our latest kick scooter — because we knew it would live up to the name. Durable. Tough. Looks great and rides perfectly. The K8 Titan shows why SWAGTRON is the official scooter brand of the Chicago Cubs.

But above all that, the K8 Titan is just plain fun.

Let’s go over the first steps you should take with your Titan kick scooter. From unboxing the scooter to assembling the handlebars and everything in-between.



The K8 Titan was built with a tool-free design. You won’t need any special tools to put it together. In fact, the K8 comes pre-assembled. Just remove the scooter and the manual from the box and you’re almost ready to ride.

birds-eye view of guy unboxing the K8 kick scooter

Hot Tip: As with any rideable, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the manual. It has a lot of important information, including important warranty information.


One of the best things about the K8 Titan kick scooter — besides its durability and smooth ride — is its portability. Just fold and go. Weighing just under 10 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to be easily carried when you need to.

close-up of guy unfolding the K8 Titan

After removing the Titan from the box, you’ll now need to unfold it. Fortunately, unfolding the K8 is simple. Pull the latch lock towards the stem. Continue to hold down the latch lock while you pull the stem away from the deck.

close up of the K8 Titan's kickstand

Hot Tip: The K8 Titan has a kickstand. Use it to prop up the scooter during assembly.


The handles won’t be attached at first. But it’s easy to attach them. Open upper clamp of stem and insert the handles into the handlebar openings. Make sure the metal pegs pop out to secure the handles properly, then close the upper clamp to secure handle bar.

man assembling the handles of the K8 kick scooter

Hot Tip: When folding the K8, you can unfasten the handles and set it in the handle fixtures on the stem. This will give you extra space when storing the K8 next to you on the bus or train or in a small trunk.


Every rider is different. Your scooter should be adjustable to fit you and your riding style. After all, it’s all about your comfort. To that end, we designed the K8 with an adjustable stem that lets you find the perfect height for riding.

Open the lower clamp, press the metal peg in, and raise or lower the stem to the desired height level. The peg should pop into place. Close the lower clamp to secure the stem.

close up on the height-adjustable stem of the K8 folding kick scooter

Being able to adjust the height of the stem does wonders for enhancing the overall riding experience. And this will extend the “shelf-life” of the K8 for younger riders who are still growing.

Remember: For the scooter to be safe to ride, make sure the metal peg pops into one of the designated holes and the lower clamp is completely closed.


We love to move. That’s why we’re in the rideables game. But stopping is also important. So remember, the back fender doubles as a rear foot brake. Check it periodically and make sure it functions like it’s meant to.

close up of the K8 Titan's back fender, which doubles as a foot brake

When riding the K8, always hop on the deck with your dominant foot first. Then kick off with your back foot. The wheels are made from solid rubber, so you won’t need to worry about flats. But you’ll want to pay attention to your surroundings and avoid uneven pavement as much as you can.

close-up of guy riding the K8 Titan


Well . . . this part is up to you.

Have fun with your K8 Titan. Ride smart. Be safe.

You’ll be riding like a pro in no time.


Always wear protective gear when riding. This means age-appropriate knee and elbow pads and a certified helmet that fits.

Need help finding the perfect fit with your helmet? We’ve got you covered!

kid wearing a helmet and riding the K8 Titan kick scooter

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