FEATURED ON CNET: SWAGTRON Electric Scooters and e-Bikes Among Best of 2019

Light electric vehicles (LEVs). Micro mobility solutions. Personal transportation. Electric rideables. Whatever you decide to call them, electric scooters and e-bikes are here to stay. Whether it’s commuting to work or school, getting around town without the need to own a car or just for fun, there’s no denying that electric bikes and e-scooters are an affordable environmentally friendly option. And there are more choices than ever before.

Recently, CNET set out to test quite a few LEVs on the mean streets of Manhattan. After getting up close and personal with different electric rideables—and New York traffic—CNET published “The Best Electric Scooters, e-Bikes and Rideable Tech We’ve Tested in 2019” including not one, but two options from SWAGTRON.

“Great for a commuter with limited storage space.”

CNET named the EB5 Pro folding electric bike “Best for Small Spaces and Small Budgets.” The EB5 Pro was praised for its features and compact size. “Great for a commuter with limited storage space,” said CNET.

The Swagger 5 Elite electric scooter was named “Best for Modest Budgets,” praising its performance for the price.

Read the full article at CNET.com.


Rear shot of the EB5 Rear Cargo Rack installed on an EB5

Swagtron - Ride Like A Pro

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