Gabe’s ollie SwagCycle e bike Challenge at Braille Skateboarding

Posted: September 28, 2017Categories: Electric Bicycle, Electric Scooters, Hoverboards, SwagCycle, the_skatepark

SwagCycles, e bikes are easy rides when injured

Recently I have been riding the SwagCycle e Bike around when I need some air, as well as the off road hoverboard, more than the skateboard and there’s a really, really good reason for that. It’s not just that the hoverboard is amazing for shooting video, not that an e bike is killer for playing Pokémon Go, but rather that it helps when you have a minor injury and can’t really skate for another week.

Rideables of all types really keep  you moving with less impact when healing. That said as of last night, I can now finally skate the 3 foot to 4 foot bowl at Cost Mesa Volcom Skatepark, I did five runs and never fell. To train myself I only wore an elbow pad, forcing me to do tricks I never fall on. Success.

So until then, I’m hoverboarding and riding the e bike and I don’t care who knows it, however all the kids seem to want to try the hoverboard when I want to ride it.

Gabe’s e bike Ollie Challenge

It has come to my attention that our friends up at Braille Skateboarding have taken upon a challenge successfully that we bestowed upon them. I didn’t expect such a response and wow, nice ollie!

See here as Gabe Cruz ‘allows’ this amazing skater (VINNIE BANH go follow him now) to Ollie over his new SwagCycle e bike. Just listen to that horn in slow motion for all the goodness. Gabe is loving this ‘right thumb red button’ horn.

  • Try that. Say “Right Thumb Red Button” to anyone on a swag cycle. If it SHUTS OFF, they mistakenly used their left thumb!

@swagtronusa this is for you!! Everyone enjoy their Tuesday! #swagcycle

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The SwagCycle is a riot, I had one on the beach last weekend of summer and the “right thumb red button” horn alone cracks me up.

So, that went well. I still need to test out their 3-4 foot half-pipe.

CHALLENGE: And this is a big one. You know I was initially quite skeptical about being able to ride the T6 off-road hoverboard on the street course we made for burning man. By the end of the week, I was hooking the board over the coping, pausing at the top to socialize, then rolling back in while holding a drink. Now I want to try to do, after my success on the ‘hoverboard railslide’, something I would attest to being ‘hoverboard rock’n’roll’ on the half pipe.

Here’s my first half-pipe attempt around the time I was visiting Braille in San Leandra, notice I could not reach the 5 foot coping, but maybe on the 3 foot… we’ll have to see what we can do. Pehaps the hoverboards need a remote ‘neutral’ or ‘disengage’ switch to allow for ‘coasting’…. we’ll see.

till then I’m Still searchin’,

Aaron K.

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