so I would have to say it is pretty tough so far

Review for SWAGBOARD VIBE Bluetooth Hoverboard, T580

Well what to say, I am not really a hoover board expert, as I have only purchased 1 in my life, however this board has survived my kids and all the neighborhood kids that want to play with it so far, and were going on 2 months now, and this thing does not rest unless the battery just wont let it move or the kids are asleep or at school, so I would have to say it is pretty tough so far. So… now for more specifics… the battery does seem to last quite a long time which is nice, once the kids get home from school until dinner time they play with it and it seems to stay charged with no problems. It seems to be a little heavy to me but i don’t know if that is a bad thing it does seem to be very durable tho. I would not consider this to be an off road use board even tho it does have rubber tires it does not seem to perform very will on softer surfaces. The lights are cool but seem somewhat pointless tho, if I had any complaint it would be the blue tooth speakers they do work as they should but the sound quality is just not there. Overall I would have to say its a good product and for the price I would recommend it. I hope this may help someone in their future decision making.

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