Review of SWAGTRON Voyager 42” Electric Longboard with Remote Control

Review for SWAGTRON Voyager 42” Electric Longboard with Remote Control

Just got my Swagboard Voyager today. Took it out for a spin near my neighborhood basketball court Super fun board. Very smooth ride and the dual hub motors are super quiet. It went pretty fast at only 10 mph. I was too scared to go the full 15 mph. Still trying to get use to the board and the speed/braking.

Braking is a little sketchy and sensitive. According to the manual, you have to lightly decelerate using the trigger. The remote control has additional buttons to accelerate/decelerate. Much easier to use than the trigger. Board is kinda BIG and heavy due to the larger battery. I guess that is a good tradeoff if you want a longer ride. I think the board is sporting 90 mm wheels which works great in going over bumps.

Check out my unboxing video on YouTube:

And check out my first ride video:

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