Review of SWAGCYCLE Classic Pedal-less Electric Bike

Review for SWAGCYCLE Classic Pedal-less Electric Bike

i had been looking at many e bike co..going back and moment i was not getting 1…the next moment i was…then i saw the swag…i have a trailer that attaches to my 700 c bike…the trailer attaches much better on the swag…i am getting people just right on what this little bike is..i tell them i am having a blast riding this..i wish swagtron would make it possible to pull out the battery that is in the frame andreplace it with another one and that way double the range of the bike..i do a sport every day and all i do is put a chargeb on it wit i do my bowling…when i am done the charge is done 60-90 minutes…i like how the tires have metal post for putting in air and not rubber…the post are extra long easy to put air into the tires..i thing swagtron shouldhave made a little bigger battery…but in doing that the recharge woud take longer…no mewntion of how many recharges the battery gets…i will have call swagtron on that…seat is comfortable…handle bars are good…on braking …if you let off the accelerator on the handle bar..when coming to a stop you do not have touse the brake as much..the head light is quite bright and the rear is bright also…the swag is worth the money$$$i paid for it…repairs can only be done(tires,ect.)by the swagtron co…i must find out how much shipping is to the swagtron co..when i need maintence done…other than that the bike gets ******(5 stars)

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