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It’s Black Friday, so we thought we would hit you with a 1-2 punch. First, scope our latest testimonial from blogger Jerrad Lopes, better known as creator of the DadTired podcast. Second, we will throw some shameless plugging your way.

DadTired is a podcast about Christian men and the leadership they provide to their families. We recently sent an electric bike to Jerrad Lopes in the hopes that it will help him keep up with his kids and perhaps to be less tired.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Swagtron actually sent me one of their electric bikes this week, and I’ve seriously been riding it every single day with the kids. I call it my new Dad Whip. You’ve probably seen me riding it on my Instagram page. But these bikes go up to 15 miles on a single charge and reach speeds up to 18 mph. They are very very fun [laughs], for a dad especially. When you’re done with the bike, you can actually just simply fold it up, put it in the trunk of your car or store it neatly in your garage—it doesn’t take up very much space at all.


As a dad who loves to go outside and play with my kids, I promise you this is going to be one of the most fun gifts you can get this Christmas.

–Jerrad Lopes, DadTired

So, if you’re a wife looking for a gift for your husband or maybe some of your older kids, or just a Dad that wants to treat yourself, definitely pick up a Swagtron bike. You can go to SWAGTRON.com, use the promo code DadTired and get five percent off your whole order.”

We have it on pretty good authority that the e-bike we sent to Jerrad was our EB7 electric bike, which should keep him right on his kids’ heels. It won’t be easy, though, since his kids have found some ways to get around too: our ST047 stunt scooter and our K1 kick scooter. No, they are not electric-powered, so an electric-powered dad does maintain an advantage. If you like the idea of an electric bike, be sure to tune into DadTired’s next episode.  Jerrad will be running a giveaway to send one of our EB5 electric bikes to a lucky listener during that show.


The current episode (#118, How Every Man Can Be a Hero) is the source for the DadTired text quoted above. Topic-wise, this is a little out of our wheelhouse, so please be advised it contains mature subject matter may be unsafe for work. On the lighter side, though, you’ll hear about badass SWAT teams that rescue victims and arrest alleged perpetrators in exotic locales.  Whatever your goals, background and beliefs, you could do far worse than follow DadTired’s advice.

You might be asking yourself why we would send one model to Jerrad and send another for a giveaway. Here’s the reason: The EB7 and EB5 have a lot of similarities and a lot of differences.

The main functional similarities will be apparent: heavy duty folding frame construction, similar instrumentation, true chain drive pedaling a single gear.

The differences tend to be less apparent: 2” difference in wheel size, 100W in motor rating, 5 lb net weight. One difference that will be obvious to the keen observer is the difference in brake type. The EB5 uses traditional cantilevered bicycle brakes, also called V-brakes. The EB7 uses disc brakes front and rear. The EB7 comes with an LED headlight. The EB5 comes with reflectors.

One difference will be obvious if you pick up these ebikes to stow them in a trunk. The EB7 weighs 42 lb. and the EB5 weighs 37 lb. It may seem like a small difference, but the difference makes itself apparent when you carry or stow these folding ebikes.

The bump in motor rating, from 250W in the EB5 to 350W in the EB7, is a pretty significant jump that should yield a seat-of-the-pants boost. For example, the EB7’s top speed is over 18 mph.

We highlighted the differences above so that you can decide the model that best suits your needs. But some of the similarities are what makes a Swagtron a Swagtron. If you blow up our photos you might be able to see the quality welds that hold together all the pieces for your e-bike into a single speedy transportation machine. The frame hinges are big collared affairs that speak to the strength of construction we use at Swagtron.

SWAGTRON EB5 and EB7 electric bicycles

We know what we’d like to ride, and we make sure to put quality like that into our designs, so that you can ride it too! We’re extra careful with things like frame hinges because when you have a folding bike, every hinge is a structural concern. We made them beefy and extra strong because that’s what we trust in a hinge that experiences regular lateral torsion.

This is Black Friday, so there are no holds barred in the selling of things. Even, say, moving topics from Christian podcasts to lateral torsion. It’s totally cool, and we’re fine with it.


Thanks for sticking around for the end!

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