Skate Camps around the United States

Posted: July 31, 2017Categories: SWAGTRON News, the_skatepark

This past weekend I was up in the northern California region for a fundraiser that revolves around another type of Sk8 kamp, which we will get back to later…

As I’ve somehow managed to make it to several of these ‘skate camps‘, I felt that we should write about it. We’ll also get to ‘Woodward West’ in a moment, but first, let’s look at this amazing place that I’ve never had the chance to go to yet, but hopefully with enough skating time put it, I will eventually get to skate there. Check out Element:

Element Skateboard Camp

For now I wanted to show you a very recent video from this past week at the amazing Element Skate Camp!

skidmark skate mag
        Skidmark Skate Magazine!

Our friends over at Skidmark Skatemag (A legitimate source for daily skateboarding from amazing skaters filmed by skaters, worth subscribing) just posted this video from this past week at Camp Element around July 18-21st, 2017.

Very new! 

  • If you ever wanna go to skate camp, this is where things there are at currently.
  • I would have LOVED this as a kid if it existed
  • The next best thing is to share this and attend these places as an adult when we get the opportunities.

This video sums up what a week in the summer of 2017 is like:

Woodward West

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have been to Woodward half a dozen times now and it’s absolutely an incredible vibe of progression and learning every time we are there.

Thanks to Jake and the local riders who keep woodward rolling all year ’round, I’ve had some amazing street and ramp times at this world class x-games style training facility.

This camp runs 12 weeks from June until the end of August.

For adults, there are weekend getaways, but you need to make the appointments and don’t EVER SHOW UP without speaking to them and confirming your trip first to avoid any disappointment as this place is STRICT and PRIVATE but for good reason. You will appreciate these rules after you obey them as it keeps out the wrong crowd and everyone is way cool there.

On my first trip to Woodward, I spent 3 days there and here’s my video from the last day. It was SO cool that they let me do this: Thanks to all the riders and skaters we’ve met there:

Then once I proved I can hang with the Woodward Crew, we returned, with toys!

Etnies of Lake Forest.

This is a much smaller, more local, ‘day type camp’ that you can find in the heart of Orange County at the killer Etnies skatepark. I’ve skater there a few times, the people are cool and I love the terrain. I’m sure this camp is killer for local kids and they are lucky to have it. More details on summer camps at Etnie’s skate park of Lake Forest.

SK8 Kamp Burning Man

Sk8 Kamp at Burning Man.

skate kastle burning man

Seeing as some of us are too old for ‘skate camp’ now, there is an adult version. SK8 Kamp. Driven by Kickstarter, the brand looks like this: (there are no real logos at burning man just ones like this!)

Skate Kastle & Burning Man Sk8 Kamp 2016

Sk8 Kamp Brand on Wood Sk8 Kamp Branding

Sk8 Kamp Brand SK8 Kamp Decks

I actually skated this wearing a cowboy hat and a fire suit. Next year there are some plans to have the ability to skate the propane with just jeans by lowering the fire levels to one that’s more skateable with less hazard. Every year it gets just bigger and better all around. Soon there will be a mobile skate ramp I hear…. still searchin’.

To see more of our skateboarding adventures check out this blog piece  with the team over at Braille Skateboarding !