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To the ‘Ride Page, for all SWAGTRON Rideables

Why YOU are here?

  • You are here because you or your loved ones want to enjoy the experience of our rideables.
  • You don’t want to wait in lines to sign up at events, by pre-signing the waiver, you can try our products when you find us in the real world!
  • SWAGTRON free product Giveaways! As the list grows we’ll be doing periodic draws for giveaways.

If want to test out our products, please sign the waiver (if over 18) + confirm your email address. If under 18 you must have your parent or guardian do it for you at this page, note that they will need to confirm their email address before you can try the products.

We encourage your signups here to avoid waiting in crowded lines at our events.

Come ride with us! Click the orange waiver link to demo some rideables & enter monthly draws!

We will post updates soon as to when upcoming demos will be available.

Stay tuned to our blog for now

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