SWAGTRON® T881 Hoverboard

Hop on deck and step up your game with the T881 Self-Balancing Hoverboard!

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This spectacular hoverboard for kids is suitable for beginner and advanced riders alike. Throttle down winding streets of any metropolis, coast along piers to breathe in the ocean breeze, or cruise to discover local hotspots with friends and family. No matter how quick you need to hit the road, this self-balancing scooter’s user friendly startup wheel balancing guarantees you an effortless and smooth riding experience while looking fresh on the streets.

The ul certified hoverboard is built with state-of-the-art UL2272 certified materials to combat scratches, impacts, and overheating to guarantee you long-lasting adventures. A pair of powerful 250W hub motors is protected inside both wheels for boosted accelerations to win against fellow riders and assistance on uphill travels. For riders who are constantly on the go or got the case of wander lust, this compact and lightweight hover scooter can be taken almost everywhere! Stuff the hoverboard inside your trunk or any small conveyance as you take a trip to parks, campuses, or even on road trips to cover more distance.

But this scooter board isn’t all about just fun and games. Concealed inside its shell is a lithium-free SentryShield® Quantum multilayer battery protection to safeguard against overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuiting as you ride to your heart’s content. From sunrise to sundown, you can keep track of your hoverboard battery life and diagnostics with its indicator lights so that you know when to rest and recharge your board. Even in the darkest hours, the T881’s luminous headlight can light up your night and keep you visible at all times.

The path to greatness is ahead of you, so why not make the journey easier? Step up your game by stepping onto the T881 Self-Balancing Hoverboard now!

Volatile Casing
The T881 ul certified hoverboard is reinforced with a durable ABS polymer casing that can withstand mild damage and support riders up to 250 lbs/113.3 kg.

Startup Self-Balancing
This children’s hoverboard has a balancing feature that may be turned on to automatically start in an upright position for quick and easy mounting.

6.5” Rubber Tires
Fearlessly tackle rough patches along your journey with 6.5” hard rubber tires.

Dual 250W Hub Motors
A dynamic pair of twin 250W motors packs a powerful punch for speedy accelerations on flat surfaces and inclines up to 30˚.

Maximum Speed
Feel the wind whip past you while dominating your competition by powering up to 7 mph/11.2 km/h!

Lithium-Free Protection
The hover scooter’s lead-acid battery is safeguarded by a lithium-free SentryShield® multilayered protection to protect against overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuiting.

4.8 Mile Range
Explore every corner throughout your adventures by traveling up to 4.8 mi/7.7 km on a single charge! Factors such as speed, terrain, temperature, and rider weight may affect overall distance travelled.

5.5 Hour Charge Time
Charge your T881 hoverboard within 5.5 hours to hop back on and shred the streets in no time!

Battery and System Indicators
Indicator lights display hoverboard battery and overall diagnostics to determine low power levels and possible unit imbalance.

Illuminating Headlights
Stand out by alerting oncoming vehicles and pedestrians of your presence with the T881’s luminous headlights.

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