SWAGTRON ST046 Stunt Scooter

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Take your stunt scooter ambitions to the next level with the ST046 featuring a steel T-Bar, flexible steel brakes, and an ultra-durable Cerberus Triple Clamp.

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Get tricked out with the ST046 stunt scooters. The ST046 trick scooter comes with a 22” stem, a super wide deck, and weighs an ultra-light 8.2 lbs. No matter what your age, the ST046 is the perfect scooter to help you achieve those fakies and flairs, and supports up to 260 lbs.

It takes practice to reach perfection. That’s why the ST046 kids scooter and adult scooter comes with an aluminum alloy fork, a steel T-bar, and an aluminum deck secured via an HIC system. Perform triple bar spins and tailwhips to your hearts content with the ultra-durable trick scooter.

The ST046 even comes with two pegs which allow you to drastically crank up your stunt game.

For extra style and flair, this BMX scooter comes with high quality ABEC-9 bearings. The ST046 uses specially design 100m PU wheels with aluminum cores for more stable tricks and landings.

The ST046 trick scooter is the ideal choice for aspiring stunt scooter pros. It accommodates growing kids of up to 260 lbs and is light enough for effortless jumps.

Hold on tight to the TPE handles and set your feet down on the grip covered deck for awesome hang 5’s, nose manuals and barspins with perfect landings. To come to a safe and easy full stop, simply press on the skate scooter’s flexible steel brakes.

The ST046 skate scooter relies on an ultra-durable Cerberus triple clamp to steady your T-bar. The triple clamp can also be loosened to separate the stem and the fork during transportation.

The ST046 custom scooters meet ASTM F2264 safety standards for non-powered scooters and can provide hours of entertainment as you perfect your moves.

Order your ultra-durable ST046 Stunt Scooter today.

Durable Metal Frame          

The ST046 has a steel stem/handlebars (T-bar), forged aluminum alloy fork, and aluminum deck for a durable frame that withstands stunts and tricks

Lightweight Body    

Weighing in at just 8.2 lbs, this ST046 is perfect for just about any stunt

360° Stem Rotation  

Perform any type of scooter stunt with the stem’s 360° of rotation

TPE Grip      

TPE on the handlebars helps provide a secure grip while nailing tricks

Cerberus Clamp

The “Cerberus” triple clamp secures the stem for tricks and aids in easy transport

Top Notch Bearings

With ABEC-9 bearings, this scooter is designed to handle any trick!

100mm Polyurethane Wheels         

Solid polyurethane wheels with an aluminum core promote a more stable landing

Max load of 260 lbs  

Riders of all ages can ride the ST046 with its max load of 260 lbs.

Two Pegs       

The ST046 comes with pegs in the front and back wheel

HIC System   

The HIC system securely holds your stem and fork together during stunts

Flexible Steel Brake 

Flexible steel brakes allow for quick effective stops

Grip Tape     

The ST046 deck comes with stylish grip tape for traction and non-slip riding

Meets ASTM F2264

The ST046 meets safety specifications for non-powered scooters

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