SWAGBOARD PRO T1 & T5 Backpack + Hand Carry Bag

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Say goodbye to tiredly transporting your T6, and hello to carrying your swag without breaking a sweat. The T6 Roller Bag is the number one way to carry your T6 and bring it with you no matter where you go.
Designed by the same company that manufactures the SWAGTRON T6, the T6 Roller Bag is the only authorized and approved bag which allows you to carry your T6 hoverboard in style. The hoverboard carrying case uses careful crafted ballistic nylon stitching to conform exactly to your T6, while also providing room for both a charger and a water bottle so you can stay hydrated.
With the T6 Roller Bag, you can carry your swag in different ways. Whether you’re more comfortable rolling your T6 when not riding, or carrying it on your back, the Roller bag is the way to roll. For those moving across sidewalks, the Roller Bag offers a suitcase style of rolling. For riders traveling up stairs, the T6 also features a backpack function with adjustable straps so that you can carry it without breaking a sweat.
At 4.6 lbs, the hoverboard carrying bag is extremely lightweight, and folds down easily when not in use. So no matter where you go, even when you’re not riding, you can still be swagging out. Order your T6 Roller Bag today.

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