SWAGLIGHT Quad – Open Box

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  • Swagtron ‘Open Box’ items will be in New condition but the packaging may be open and/or slightly worn. This Swagtron has been inspected by Swagtron.com and adheres to original manufacturer’s specifications. Open Box Swagtrons include the full Swagtron warranty from date of purchase.
  • Show off your colorful personality and illuminate the night with 16M colors on 376 ultra-bright LEDs with the Swaglight Quad Bike Wheel Lights!


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Whether you’re cruising with friends or discovering new corners of a city, wear your personality on your wheels to rep your style and leave a lasting impression wherever you go. From trendy GIFs to DIY creations, these bike wheel lights bring your favorite images to life with 376 full-color LEDs and an eye-popping 16 million colors. Reanimate popular memes or show off a portrait of your pet, and whether it’s day or night, your images will shine vividly to keep you safe, visible, and classy. For more personalized options, download the Swaglight app on your iPhone to track your trip, upload images, and adjust settings with just a quick swipe of your finger!

Not only are these spoke LED lights brilliantly bold, but they’re built to last. The bike wheel lights can fit 26” or larger wheels and keep your favorite images in perfect sync on both sides of your bike wheels. Designed with resilient material with an IP65 rating, the bike rim lights combat dust and water splashes as you ride through rain or shine. Its shockproof design and 10 hours of runtime lets you tackle obstacles at the park, along the pier, or on winding hiking trails.

By the end of the day, put your Swaglight to sleep via app to save enough energy for your next trip. Before leaving your bicycle and Swaglight locked outside, easily activate its security option via app to set an alarm that will sound upon attempted robbery and keep both your possessions safe and sound.

Show your true colors with the Swaglight Quad Bike Wheel LED Lights.

Vibrant Color Display
Look cool and become more visible at nighttime with an eye-popping 16 million colors on bright 376 LEDs.

App Control
Download the app on your smartphone (iOS only) and pair via BT with the bicycle spoke lights and access ride data, upload images, social sharing, adjust settings, and more!

Shockproof Design
Ride over bumps and dents as your wheel lights absorb impact and retain your selected image throughout the entire journey.

10 Hours of Lights
A long-lasting battery will make for miles of vibrant adventure on a single charge!

Lock and Alert
Switch on the alert feature via phone Swaglight app to stay alert and protect your bike lights from theft.