Recertified – Swagboard Twist Remix, Lithium-Free, Hoverboard with LED Wheels

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SWAGTRON Twist T881 Remix with LED Lights



Recertified Swagboard Twist. Factory recertified by Swagtron Technicians. These include a 90 day warranty. These are described as fully functional, but possibly cosmetically flawed. We can not send pictures of any individual Recertified Swagboard Twist Hoverboards.

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Girl riding her red Hoverboard Twist T881 with LED lights at a park
Be legendary with one of our top-selling hoverboards, remixed to keep the party going.
    Light up. Show off. Ride on. The 6.5-inch LED wheels light up to show the world your style.
    The board auto-balances as soon as it’s powered on, making it easier than ever to ride with confidence.
    Patented SentryShield® Quantum technology protects the UL2272-compliant battery and electrical systems.

Hop onboard, wow your friends and ride like a pro. Just you and your Swagboard Twist Remix from SWAGTRON®. Like a great DJ or producer, we took the best parts of our top-selling Swagboard Twist and turned it into a bona fide hit for 2019. Eye-catching design. Powerfully robust motors. Dynamic, lithium-free battery. Built with the same exceptional, legendary quality that put SWAGTRON on the map.

Quality Without Compromise

We’ve spared no expense to bring you a hoverboard that looks good and rides even better. Built with longevity in mind, the Swagboard Twist Remix features 6.5-inch maintenance-free rubber tires that will never go flat, no matter how rough the ride is. The impact-resistant ABS polymer frame supports riders up to 220 pounds, yet still manages to weigh a kid-friendly 22 pounds, making it easy for younger riders to grab-and-go when they need to. For riders who are always on the go, this compact self-balancing scooter can be taken with you almost everywhere.

Need an even easier way to carry your board? Pair the Twist Remix with one of our Swagbags for even better portability.

500 Watts of Total Power

A dynamic pair of 250-watt motors provide thrilling acceleration, up to 7 mph. The high-torque motors easily conquer steep 30-degree hills. Hop on the non-slip footpads and take a cruise through local parks, coast along the pier or just go on a magnificent joyride. The Swagboard Twist Remix was made for you to ride longer, adventure harder and explore more.

Hoverboard . . . or Laserboard?

Some riders are okay with just the basics — speed, control and durability. For everyone else, there’s the Twist Remix with its laser-sharp design with laser wheels. Okay, they’re not lasers. But they are dazzling and brilliant — a spectacular way to show off your style and personality as you blaze through the neighborhood with friends. After all, what’s the point of having flair without the flash?

Always in Balance

Hoverboard megastars are made, not born. It takes practice to ride with precision and flair. But we wanted to make it easier to become a hoverboarding expert, so we added our intelligently engineered auto-balancing technology to the Twist Remix. With this feature activated, mounting and dismounting this hoverboard is a snap, because the board automatically balances upright as soon as it’s powered on. This smart balancing function smooths out the learning curve, making it easier for newer riders to learn proper balance and riding technique.

Dependability You Can Trust

The Swagboard Twist Remix’s features a lithium-free battery. Highly efficient, it fully charges in just five hours and provides inherent safeguards. But because you demand more from hoverboard batteries, we demanded more from our batteries. And the Twist Remix delivered!

The UL2272-compliant battery and electrical systems passed rigid electrical and charging safety tests. And, just like the OG Twist, our patented SentryShield® Quantum technology provides additional battery safeguards. This system delivers multilayer protection against overvoltage, overcurrent and short-circuiting.

All Thrills — No Frills

Everything about the Twist Remix is designed to enhance the adventure. Movement indicators tells pedestrians around you that you’re turning left, right or coming to a stop. Built-in indicators let you keep track of battery life and system diagnostics. And if the sun calls it quits before you do, the LED headlights will light your way back home.

Tired of the same-ol’? Then it’s time for a remix — the Swagboard Twist Remix from SWAGTRON®.

Kid riding his Swagboard Twist with LED lights
Safety Standards
7 mph
Bluetooth Enabled
22 lbs
All Specs

7-11 Years
Battery Shielding
Battery Type
Lithium Free
Charging Time
5.5 hrs
Learning Mode
LED Front Lights
LED Wheels
Maximum Load
200 lbs
Minimum Load
44 lbs
Range Per Charge
4.8 mi
Terrain Type
Flat Terrain
Tire Type
Solid Rubber
Wheel Size

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Bought two of them both looked new with no cosmetic flaws. Both work as they should with no issues.

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