Recertified SwagDrone 150-UP

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Factory recertified by Swagtron Technicians. 90-day warranty. These are described as fully functional, but possibly cosmetically flawed. (We cannot send pictures of any individual Recertified Swagtron product.)

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SWAGTRON’s racing SwagDrone 150-UP FPV quadcopter was created with aerodynamic prowess in mind. With a streamlined fuselage, this drone only weighs 0.35 lbs and requires no FAA registration.
The enclosed modular build fortifies the already-durable frame and helps facilitate its parts against damage. Its bent antenna acts against breakage and heat dissipation.

This user-friendly quadcopter accommodates any pilots’ experience using 3 scaling modes. Practice basic tricks and get confident using primary mode. Then, move up to mid and high level modes for a bigger challenge and max maneuverability.
Execute acrobatic loops and 360°aileron rolls either outside or indoors via the remote control, latest F3 flight system, and the 3-axis gyro. The SwagDrone comes equipped with a 5.8G transmitter antenna and dual receiver antennas for long-range transmission that extends as far as 500m!

For experienced pilots, this racing quadcopter can be customized to your specifications via the Cleanflight software. Adjust the controls sensitivity, pre program maneuvers, and map routes. You’ll be able to personalize your SwagDrone to your needs! Scout courses ahead of time, compete in high-speed FPV drone racing, or navigate sleek cityscapes. And take flight any time of day with the SwagDrone’s low light vision and LED headlights for crisp visibility no matter the time or place.

Record stunning aerial footage with the 600T VL camera and 110° field of view – easily review your toutes later with HD 5.8GHz real-time video transfer and seamless FPV experience. Sync your the VR racing drone with the 4-UP (or other smart devices) and select any of the 8 available channels.

Fly your drone with peace of mind with the automatic failsafe switch which activates when your drone flies out of range. This feature shuts the motor down after a five second trigger, and allows you to toggle on the locator alarm to locate your drone. It also comes with a responsive killswitch for any emergency situation.
And when you’re done with your flightpath, the SwagDrone comes built with a motor lock function for safe handling and storage.
With SwagDrone 150-UP, the sky is no longer the limit when it comes to daring races and fun challenges.