K6 4-in-1 Toddler Scooter and Balance Bike – Recertified

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Boys K6 Toddler Scooter by Swagtron



Recertified K6 4-in-1 Toddler Scooter. Factory recertified by Swagtron Technicians. These include a 90 day warranty. These are described as fully functional, but possibly cosmetically flawed. We can not send pictures of any individual RK6 4-in-1 Toddler Scooter.

  • Four Toys in One — Easy Assembly
  • Convertible Toddler Scooter
  • Four Riding Modes
  • For Kids Ages 2-5
  • ASTM-certified for safety


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Young kid rides his K6 Balance Bike and Scooter with his mom's help
From baby steps to big strides, every ride is a step in the right direction with the K6.
    Introduce your kids to the joys of riding, with a smart 4-in-1 design that offers more bang for your buck.
    From balance bike to three-wheel scooter, the K6 can be there for every stage of your toddler’s journey.
    Help your child get a head start for their future. Improve their hand-eye coordination, stamina, and balance.
    No complicated instructions. No hard-to-find tools required. Assembly and transformation is quick & simple.
K6 4-in-1 Kids Scooter

The K6 Toddler Scooter is ideal for getting young ones rolling and keeping them active from an early age. From taking first ride on a balance trike, to cruising along on a kick scooter, the convertible K6 transforms playtime into a learning experience. Improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, stamina and balance with every trip to the playground. As they progress and grow, this convertible kid’s scooter grows with them.

Smart 4-in-1 Design

You’ll appreciate the way we’ve incorporated four ride-on toys in one:

  • Three-wheel Balance Trike
  • Two-wheel Balance Bike
  • Three-wheel Balance Scooter
  • Two-wheel Kick Scooter

As your kids progress and grow, this convertible K6 will grow with them. Go from balance tricycle to a two-wheel balance bike. Then watch with pride as they graduate up to a traditional two-wheel kick scooter.

Kid-Proof but not Fun-Proof

The K6 is built from premium-quality materials that add durability without adding a lot of weight, making it easy to carry while also being scratch- and weather-resistant. Your kids won’t notice any of this. They’ll be too busy having fun. And with its ASTM F963 certification, rest assured that the K6 can take anything your kids throw at it — and then some.

Well-Balanced Fun

A large 9.25-inch front wheel, available in every riding mode. This added stability helps young riders gain confidence with their riding ability, improving their balance. With a 55-pound weight limit, the K6 is perfect for kids between 2 and 5 years old, both large and small.

Quick & Easy Assembly

Just because our design is smart, doesn’t mean it’s complicated. Assembly K6 in a matter of minutes using every day tools. And transforming the K6 from one riding mode to the other just as simple.

World-Class Customer Support

The K6 4-in-1 scooter comes with a 90-day limited warranty. And every SWAGTRON® order is backed by an expert team of support specialists, fully staffed in the U.S. and available seven days a week via live chat, phone and email. Have a question? Need help? Just reach out for expedited service.


Young riders should be accompanied by their parent or guardian when riding. All riders should always wear age-appropriate protective gear while riding — including knee and elbow pads and an ASTM-certified helmet. Ride Smart!

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