K5 Three-Wheel Scooter for Kids — Recertified

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K5 Kickscooter with light-up 3 wheels for kids and toddlers


Factory recertified by Swagtron technicians. These include a 90-day warranty. These are described as fully functional, but possibly cosmetically flawed.

  • Colorful LED Wheels
  • Superior Balance
  • Assembles in Seconds
  • Adjustable Height

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Boy and girl riding their three-wheel scooters at the park while having fun during playtime
Easy to assemble. Easier to ride. Height-adjustable and kid-proof. Fun for years to come.
    Get your kids active, keep them engaged, and let them show off with LED wheels light up when in motion.
    Wide low-profile deck. Dual front wheels. Rear foot-brake. Lean to turn. Perfect for first-time riders.
    With three distinct height options, the K6 is more than a beginner scooter. It grows as your child grows.
    Weather-resistant. Scratch-resistant. Impact-resistant. The K5 can handle whatever your kid throws at it.
K5 Three-Wheel Scooter with Light Up LED Wheels

Keep them active. Keep them playing. Keep them growing. Whether your kid is a first-time rider, or graduating from the K2, the K5 three-wheeled kid’s scooter with LED lights is a great way to keep them excited about getting active and staying engaged.

A Better Balancing Act

We want to offer better balance for young and first-time riders. Riders that were too old for our K2 toddler scooter but not quite ready for the K1 kick scooter. That’s why we built the K5 with a three-wheel design: dual 4.7-inch polyurethane (PU) LED light up wheels and a single 3-inch rear PU wheel. Maintenance-free. Super smooth. Extremely stable.

Natural Controls

Superior turning with little effort. The K5 trades in complicated controls for an intuitive pivot-style turning system that’s simple to use — just lean and turn. Young riders steer naturally by shifting their weight, just like they would a skateboard. When they need to stop, they just press down on the rear brake. Easy-peasy!

Height-Adjustable Stem

Set the K5 to match your child’s height. As your child grows, adjust the scooter to grow with them using its adjustable locking stem. Simply press in on the ball bearing and move the stem up and down until it matches your child’s height.

Easily Carried

Built with plastic body and reinforced aluminum alloy stem, the K5 weighs a mere 5 pounds, but is strong enough to support riders up to 100 pounds.

Assembles in Seconds

But what good is an amazing toy if it takes forever to put together? We’ve taken care of that for you. No complicated instructions. No extra parts to lose. No tools required. Simply pop in the stem, choose a height and the K5 is ready to ride.

Worry-Free Playtime

Durable, stable and certified kid-friendly, the K5 exceeds ASTM F963 standard consumer safety specification for toy safety. As always, users should wear age-appropriate protective gear while riding the K5. This includes age-appropriate knee-pads, elbow pads and ASTM-certified helmets.

Kids Toys Comparison Chart

K5 Kickscooter with light-up 3 wheels for kids and toddlers

K5 Three-Wheel Scooter for Kids — Recertified

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K2 Toddler Scooter

K1 Kids Kick Scooter Light Blue color

K1 Kick Scooter

Price $$27.99$
Adjustable Height
  • Yes
Maximum Load
  • 100 lbs
  • 44 lbs
  • 220 lbs
Safety Standards
  • ASTM F963
  • ASTM F963
  • ASTM F2264
  • 5.5 LBS
  • 6.5 lbs
  • 7.8 lbs
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Kid in the park riding his blue three-wheel kick scooter
Adjustable Height
Plastic Body / Aluminum-alloy stem
Maximum Load
100 lbs
Safety Standards
5.5 LBS
All Specs

3-6 Years

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