Swagger Pro the most advanced e-scooter. Go further, faster

  • EXTENDED RANGE – The Swagger Pro e-scooter has an extended 5-18 mile range so you can travel further than before
  • FASTER THAN EVER – A 250-watt motor propels the Swagger Pro to a maximum speed of 16 MPH
  • BACKLIT LED DISPLAY – allows you to view your speed, cycle through gears, set cruise control, and displays battery life.
  • FOLDS EASILY – In one touch the Swagger Pro folds down for easy storage when you’re not using it.
  •  ECO FRIENDLY – The Swagger Pro is 100% electric and produces absolutely no emissions, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and improve the environment.

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Swagtron Swagger Pro Electric Scooter How To Video

Adventures Begin with your Feet! Here is the How To instructional video for the Swagtron Swagger Pro Electric Scooter! It's simple to use and this video makes it foolproof! Watch and enjoy!
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Take your swagger to the max with the Swagger Pro electrical scooter. The Swagger Pro features an upgraded 24v lithium-ion battery measured at 155 WH. The new battery lasts longer and can take this scooter further than ever before with a range of 5-18 miles. The Swagger Pro is also faster than ever before with its 5-speed 250-watt motor propelling it to speeds of up to 16 MPH. The Swagger Pro is now equipped with a powerful front wheel shock absorber to keep you cruising comfortably over cracks in the side walk or anywhere your adventures might take you.

With the Swagger Pro you are always in control. The built in LCD display allows you check your current speed, battery life, distance traveled, and even cycle through the different speeds. For longer rides, activate the cruise control and take a break from the throttle.

Swagger Pro is built with the riders safety in mind featuring both a manual and electric brakes, an ultra-bright LED headlight for riding at night, and 5 gears to choose from limiting the speed for new riders.

Join the transportation revolution! Transportation is the number one cause of emissions that are harming our environment. The Swagger pro is a cost-efficient solution to reducing your carbon footprint, its 100% electric and produces 0 emissions.

The Swagger Pro is more convenient than riding a bike. No pedaling, sidewalk approved, and no need to go through the hassle of locking up your bike outside! The Swagger Pro features a carbon fiber folding frame that allows you to easily collapse your scooter and at just 16lbs it’s easy to carry with you!

Note: Max speed and duration were obtained through continuous lab tests under ideal conditions. Actual performance may be reduced based on a variety of factors. In order to provide full knowledge to our customers, we have provided maximum performance information.

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10 reviews for Swagger Pro the most advanced e-scooter. Go further, faster

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Wayne ackerman

    Can scooters be used in the rain – if its raining out??????

    • Steve Kowalski

      The Swagger™ PRO is IP 54 which means it is water-resistant (also called splash-resistant).

      The Swagtron® warranty does NOT cover water damage so BE CAREFUL!

      Light rain probably won’t be an issue but submerging your unit or exposing the internal electronics to water can cause damage.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    had my scooter for two months allready,gets me to work and to public bus stops.where i fold my scooter and ride bus home,so this works for me..so was wondering,since i ride my scooter 5 to 6 days a week. do you have a parts dept.if i need to buy a part for scooter like tires ,or rear brake stop,is there a dept for that?

    • Steve Kowalski

      Please email Support@Swagtron.com with a parts purchase request!

      However, NEW Swagtron® products include a FREE one-year warranty. If you are having any issues; Please contact us at WeCare@Swgatron.com!


  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    I am looking at these online and have seen them separately up close but cannot see any difference between the regular Swagger and Pro version. Is there a noticeable difference besides the slight performance upgrade?

    • Steve Kowalski

      They are nearly identical in looks.

      The Swagger™ PRO has an upgraded battery (%50 larger), new firmware (slightly more efficient in many situations), and an upgrading shock absorption system.

      Essentially the PRO version should offer a smoother ride at %50-60 more range.

      If you have any questions you can ask here, DM our Facebook page, Live-chat us at Swagtron.com OR email support@swagtron.com!


  4. Rated 4 out of 5


    How about scooter performance in wet rain snow conditions. Is the motor Sealed ?

    • Steve Kowalski

      The Swagger™ is IP54 which is Dust-proof and water-resistant (also called splash-resistant). They are NOT waterproof!

      Fully submerging your Swagger will result in damage to the hub motor, components, and/or battery.

      Water damage is not covered by the Swagtron™ FREE one-year warranty so BE CAREFUL!

      If you have any questions you can ask here, DM our Facebook page, Live-chat us at Swagtron.com OR email support@swagtron.com!


  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Peter (verified owner)

    Just bought it directly from this website and received it on July 10th, and it’s my first electric scooter I ever have, use it about five times already and have been traveled 46 miles so far, its light weight and short charging time really is a good scooter I can find in the market for me, just hope the mile range can be longer although it’s already good enough for me for one day traveling with a fully single charge, and a tip to conserve longer mile range is when you put down the throttle, at the same kick with your foot just like a normal kick scooter, that way don’t have to rely on electricity too much, especially when you are on the uphill it may have little help and works. Also found out the braking system can also help to recharge some power, you can see it work especially you are downhill and put the brake around 10-11 mph, but remember don’t go too fast on during downhill, and not on the deep downhill of course.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    plz tell me how tall the swagger pro is aka how high the handle bars are

    • Steve Kowalski

      The Swagger Pro handles measure about 36.75″(inches) from the ground to the bottom of the handles.


  7. Rated 4 out of 5


    How long does it take to fully recharge and how much does it weigh? Also does the charger come with the scooter, or do I have to buy it separately?

    • Steve Kowalski

      The charger is included with every Swagger™ .

      The Swagger weighs ~ 17 lbs and is very easy to carry (when you have to) or roll after you fold it down.

      It takes 1-3 hour to charge completely depending on the battery charge left when you begin the charge cycle.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert (verified owner)

    This scooter is amazing! I highly recommend it.

  9. Rated 3 out of 5


    what is the weight limit?

    • Steve Kowalski

      The Swagger™ Pro features a carbon fiber body which can easily handle 250 lbs.

      At this weight, the Swagger and Swagger PRO easily traverse inclines up to 15 degrees.

      While the Carbon Fiber body itself can maintain a much higher weight limit than the designated 250 lbs, we do not recommend exceeding this weight limit both for the riders safety and the longevity of the Swagger’s hub motor hidden inside the wheel.

      If you have any questions you can ask here, DM our Facebook page, Live-chat us at Swagtron.com OR email support@swagtron.com!


  10. Rated 4 out of 5


    Can this be used as push scooter if battery dies during my adventure?

    • Steve Kowalski


      The Swagger™ and Swagger Pro both function normally as a standard kick scooter. This works either with the battery completely dead or simply by turning the Swagger OFF and then kicking as you would any kick scooter!


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