We bought several of these, to follow a family member across the city of Chicago, during the Chicago marathon. All said, we “scooted” ~8 miles that day. Next time? I’ll probably buy an electric scooter. LOL But, these worked great for the purpose. Very solid. If you’re a medium-sized adult, they’ll be fine. Larger? No, there are more solid, taller scooters out there. (Just make sure you tighten down everything solid when you clamp down the brackets, and they’ll do great.) We folded them up, hopped on the subway (el) got off, scooted to the next point where see passed by, then scooted on to other places, the whole day. These units were easy to carry, very portable. In the city, these larger wheels are a MUST, because with smaller wheels, they’ll get caught in the cracks and holes. Overall, we’re glad we purchased them. These would be perfect for a college student, or anyone who’s looking for an “adjult” sized kick scooter. They’re much lighter than the competitor, a big plus for this model. Challenges: One of the units arrived with damage on the foot area. Some of the non-skid was scraped off. It looks like factory damage, and someone tried to cover it with a permanent marker. Because we were short on time, we just used it. Also, these units aren’t as sturdy/steady/solid feeling as competitor, but they did fine for the purpose. In all… For the price? Perfect.

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