Solid eBike Value, Entry-Level Urban Mobility

Review for EB7 Elite Commuter, Folding E-Bike

The Swagtron EB7 SwagCycle is an excellent entry-level eBike offering manageable pricing, solid features for the money, and a great way to get a taste for urban mobility. For those considering the EB-7 against the EB-5, it provides several upgrades that make it well worth the extra hundred dollars.

Some key points:
* Entry-level eBike, for the low(ish) price of a nice electric scooter.
* 16″ BMX wheels are a step up from 14″ on EB-5 and more polyvalent. You can find quality 16″ slicks for summer as well as 16″ knobby tires for winter.
* Rear suspension improves ride comfort and traction on bumpy roads.
* 350W rear hub motor is quite a step up from 250W on EB-5 and typical electric scooters.
* Integral frame looks better than a classic folding bicycle.

Reservations to consider:
* No gears, so pedal-only performance will be like riding a fixie (fixed gear bike).
* No fenders for rainy days or bike rack for cargo.
* Power is excellent for a starter eBike, but low compared to a full-size eBike (typically 1000W, $1500 or more).

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