Reliable With The Remote

Review for SWAGSKATE Spectra PRO Electric Skateboard

For a reliable ride, I use the remote app. The motion sensors are less predictable and may stop when you don’t expect it to.

Small Backpack – get it! I went one day without it, got lost and almost died of exhaustion carrying this around.
Design – A head turner. Prepare to answer questions.
Exercise – I’m sweating like a mad dog each time I ride this home. Don’t let people tell you it’s for the lazy.
Fun – I never owned a skateboard but now I ride this home from work every day that the weather permits.

Warranty – It’s still under warranty but Walnutt gave me the run-a-round on a repair. I ended up taking it to a local bike shop 🙁
Slow customer service response – Wasn’t sure I wanted to keep it. Contacted them within the 7-day return window. No reply until about two weeks later.
No physical remote – This is a deal-breaker for some. It would be a nice addition.
Remote disconnects – This may be because of the lock screen on my phone, but when I am carrying it for a short while between rides, then put it down to ride again, the Remote Control has to be re-connected.

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