My New Swagger 5

Review for Swagger 5 Elite Electric Smart Scooter, Folding City Commuter

So I had been renting the Lime rideshare scooters for quite some time and bot did it start adding up real quick at 7-10 dollars a day to rent one. So I searched and searched for electric scooters. Finally after reading reviews and watching numerous videos I found Swagtron! I decided that the Swagger 5 was going to be the scooter I purchased. Was going to purchase it through the Swagtron website but needed it faster than they could ship it to me. I found one at my local RC Wiley furniture store. It was the floor model and they said they weren’t getting anymore in. There was a few cosmetic issues like loose grip tape and a couple of scratches on the stem! So I talked them down to a very decent price. They actually matched the spring sale price Swagtron is offering at the moment. Well let me just say that this thing is FRICKING GNARLY AWESOME!!! I absolutely love it. It gets up to speed very nicely. I wish it would go a little further in a charge but I can’t complain at all. I ride it to and from work every day now which is 1.7-2.2 miles away depending on which route I take. So I can ride to and from work on a charge! There is one issue I have which I can’t seem to figure out. How does one increase the brightness in the display? During the daylight I can not see it at all!!! So is it on dim or something? If you can please advise me on how to change that so I can see my speed during the day please!?!? So overall I give 5 stars It is a REALLY COOL WAY TO GET AROUND TOWN! And I’m saving so much money not having to rent one every day!!! Thank you very much for making such a solid product!!!

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