Even the refurbished is amazing

Review for SWAGTRON EB5 Pro City & Campus Folding eBike, Pedal-To-Go

I bought a refurbished EB-5 in June 2018 so I could go to the University. And even though I am 6\’4 tall and 253 pounds, the little bike could handle my weight perfectly fine. It was my main vehicle for over an year and, if not for the fact that it was stolen from me at the mall, I would still be using it gladly. The only reason I decided to by a new EB-7 other than this if for the removable battery, but if you do not require extra-long battery life, the EB-5 is more than you will ever need. On the other hand, for someone tall, the pedals are a little short, and it can be hard sometimes. I don’t think people of more average height would have any issue, but sometimes I feel like pedaling just isn’t effective. And probably because I am at the high end of the weight limit, the full charge would last me only around 10 miles. Still, for such a small and cheap E-bike, that is pretty impressive. For someone big, if 10 miles is a good enough range for you, the bike is very much worth the price, it resisted rain and even a few falls without any damage, and dealt perfectly fine with my weight.

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