Battery life is meh

Review for SWAGBOARD VIBE Bluetooth Hoverboard, T580

It’s a great hover board although the battery life sucks compared to what it’s advertised at. It says 7-12 miles but mine only lasts 3 miles and so does my friend’s hover board (we have the same model, same brand). When I go 4-6mph with a 110 pound rider it’s goes roughly 3 miles. The speakers are not great too. They sound OK but when you go above about 70% volume, they start to pop and sound really bad. Other then those two things, I love the board and have gone about 60 miles on it and I know that from the Bluetooth app. My friend with the same board (same model, same brand) has gone about 85 miles on his. So they last good. I know 85 miles doesn’t sound realistic for just a “toy” but I don’t really use it as a toy. Well maybe I do but it’s also easy to use it as short distance transportation like one mile to work and one mile back. Overall I’d say it’s a great hover board but am disappointed with the battery life and speaker quality. I would give it a 4 star if the battery was actually “as advertised” to go 8 miles but it only goes about 3.

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