Which Electric Rideable Are You?


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Which Electric Rideable Are You?

You like to have fun, and who can blame you, when there’s all that fun out there to be had? Not us, that’s for sure. We recommend the Swagcycle Pro and the Swagger 3 Scooter to get you to and from all the fun.

You’re a grown-up and you are serious about things like work and commuting. We’d like to thank you for the order you bring to the universe because without you, chaos would reign. Please consider our Swagger 5 Elite commuting scooter and our EB5 and EB7 ebikes as very serious solutions for your serious commuting needs.

You’re more than a kid at heart, you’re an actual kid. Either way, we think that’s great! For you, we recommend the Swagger 2 electric scooter for kids and our non-powered kick scooters.

Well, you roll to the squeal of a different wheel, don’t you? You’d love the road less travelled . . . if you were into roads. We get it. For you, we recommend our EB6 and EB8 electric mountain bikes and our T6 Outlaw hoverboard.

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