[Win] Swagtron SwagSurf Electric Surf Jetboard

Win a SWAGTRON SWAGSURF Electric Jet Surfboard for Lakes

SwagSurf Lake Surfboard

It’s easy to say that we can all agree one thing: This summer is a hot one!

One of the time-honored ways to beat that heat is to grab the family and take to the water to surf the waves. But not everyone has the luxury of living on the coast. This is where the jet-powered SwagSurf from Swagtron comes in!

Watch the SwagSurf in Action

We engineered the SwagSurf to be an affordable electric SUP that any and everyone can use. Whether the closest body of water to you is a lake, a river or a large pond. There’s no steep learning curve and no breaking the bank. Just you, the water, and your swag.

Man carrying his SwagSurf Electric Surf Jetboard to the lake with his son.

The state-of-the-art electric surfboard uses its quiet yet powerful brushless 2800-watt DC motor to propel you through the water. You’ll surge ahead at speeds of up to 12.5MPH for up to 20 minutes on a single charge. The jet surf engine will fuel your adventures on serene rivers, natural lakes — even large ponds.

Smiling man sitting on his powered SwagSurf as it makes waves on the lake.

The SwagSurf Jetboard Adventure

Cut through the water — The detachable hydrofoil makes ripping through waves an ultra-smooth experience, with less drag and water resistance.

Carve with ease — Use the handheld steering strap and pre-paired waterproof remote to maneuver like a pro. Go left, right, faster, slower – all at your fingertips.

Cruise with confidence — Stay on-board and never lose your footing with the inflatable deck, made from no-slip EVA foam and covered with durable drop-stitch fabric.

If you happen to bail, take comfort knowing that the powered surfboard’s emergency-stop feature automatically cuts off power to the motor.

The SwagSurf advanced safety features, including detachable hydrofoil, hand strap for steering, and the automatic stop-switch for the motor.

Traveling to the lake with your inflatable SwagSurf will be hassle-free. Just use the included electric air pump to inflate your board in minutes. You’ll be ready to answer when the urge to hit the waters calls!

Gently float your way through serene. Rip upstream against choppy rivers. Explore hidden coves with family and friends. From relaxing days on calm waters to adrenaline-fueled adventures, this jet-powered electric surfboard is fun for riders of all ages and experience level.

Smiling kid riding his SwagSurf on the lake as his parents look on.

Never worry about getting skunked because there are no waves to chase. With the game-changing SwagSurf, you’ll be making waves of your own!

Ready to beat the heat? Grab the SwagSurf Electric Jetboard and chart a course for the nearest lake, pond or river.

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