Why Buy an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes are steadily getting more popular. Not just in Europe and China, the cool-factor is growing in the U.S. too.

And it’s no wonder! They’re a fun, eco-friendly way to get around. And improvements in battery technology have made them more affordable than ever.

Whether you’re looking to simplify your daily commute or reduce your carbon emissions, an electric bike might be a perfect choice for you.

So why buy an electric bike?

Easy to Use

Riding an eBike is incredibly easy. Charge the battery, power it on and go! There are two main kinds of electric bikes: pedal-assist and throttle-only.

Pedal-assist bikes have an electric motor that boosts you to higher speeds and tackles steeper inclines with ease. It adds to the energy you provide while pedaling. Our SwagCycle EB-5 and EB-6 are examples of electric bikes with pedal-assist modes.

Close up to the EB-1's easy to use Shimano gears

Throttle-only bikes behave more like a gas-powered scooter. The bike is powered strictly by its motor — no need to pedal. Our original SwagCycle is an example of a throttle-only ebike, as are the SwagCycle Envy and SwagCycle Pro.

These two options make riding a bike even easier.

Great for All Skill Levels

You might need a high level of fitness and stamina to ride a traditional bicycle. But with ebikes, you can enjoy long, comfortable rides without getting exhausted. You’re never too old or out of shape for an ebike.

Two women riding their Swagtron EB-1 electric bikes.

Beginners and pros alike can ride all day without the aggravation of steep hills. Give your muscles a break and ride at the pace you enjoy. That’s what a bike ride should be, right?

Commuter Friendly

Live in a big city? Then an electric bicycle might be the best way to get around. Zip to work without breaking a sweat in your work clothes. Skip the traffic when you need to grab groceries or run errands. Take your ebike on the train or bus. Then cruise that “last mile” to your destination with ease.

Man stepping on to the train with his Swagtron EB-1 commuter electric bike

Worried about carrying around the electric bike? Don’t be. Many eBikes are durable, yet manage to be lightweight and ultra-portable. Our SwagCycle Pro folds down for easy storage and portability, but is still durable enough to accommodate riders up to 264 lbs.

An electric bike is perfect for daily commutes or urban adventures. If you’re one of the 7 million Americans who uses public transportation, using an eBike can make your commute even easier.

Better for the Environment

Transportation is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gasses and global warming. One of the biggest affects you can have on the environment is changing the way you travel. Much of this pollution is produced by commuters making short trips from home to work or running errands within only a few miles from home. Switching to an e-bike cuts down on a massive amount of harmful emissions and fossil fuel usage.

Why buy an eBike? Swagtron Ebikes are an eco-friendly, all-electric way to get around

According to a study from Transportation Alternatives, if 10% of New York City commuters biked to work once a week, the city could cut back on 120 million pounds of CO2 emissions per year. That’s equal to the amount of carbon dioxide released by 25,000 homes!

Easy on the Wallet

Electric bikes are less expensive to buy and maintain than gas-guzzling vehicles. You can drop $4.00 per gallon on gasoline once a week. Or you could plug your ebike into any normal household outlet at a fraction of the price.

Swagtron Ebikes are affordable

An entry-level ebike, like our SwagCycle Envy, can cost less than $400. But by leaving the car at home and using an electric bike, you’ll recoup that money in fuel costs in no time.

Why drive a car only to be stuck in traffic, contributing to pollution and watching your money burn up in a cloud of exhaust fumes?


This is the most important reason to buy an ebike. After all, what do you love about cycling? The speed? The fresh air? The amazing scenery? Now you can have all that without having to worry about steep hills or fatigue.

Smiling woman having fun on her Swagtron EB-6 Fat Tire Ebike

You’ll go faster and farther than ever before. You can enjoy twice the distance using pedal assist, compared to a traditional bike. The extra boost of power from the motor makes it possible to better handle hills and rough, uneven roads.

So Why Buy an eBike?

Riding an ebike is a thrilling experience. It’s a wonderful way to get around, for all types of riders. They’re easier to maintain and less expensive than gas-powered vehicles. And they let you easily avoid congested traffic areas. Most importantly, electric bikes are a blast to ride!

Cruise along scenic trails or power through mountain trails — the choice is yours. Hills become flatter. Your city grows smaller. The stress of your daily commute transforms into an exhilarating adventure.

So why buy an electric bike?

Because we know you’re ready for that adventure!

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