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Voyager electric longboard review – unboxing and skatepark demo

The powerful, new Voyager longboard is the latest addition to the growing SWAGTRON line of electric skateboards. One of the most powerful electric skateboards on the market, Voyager features dual 350 watt motors that can blast you to a full 30 mph (though for safety reasons a governor limits the board to 15mph).

Check out the video below of the Voyager skateboard unboxing and putting it through its paces at the skate park. The Voyager skateboard goes the distance and takes the punishment. Hit the roads on a full 42” classically styled longboard deck made of 6 layers of Canadian Maple sandwiched between 2 layers of bamboo which is capable of supporting up to 330lbs. The electric longboard runs on two 36V Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries, far more durable and safer than standard lithium-ion batteries.

Use motor or muscle, with the Voyager electric longboard you always have your choice. An included wireless remote gets you rolling. Accelerate, decelerate and enable cruise control at a click. The remote digital display shows battery life and current speed. Looking for firm board control? The deck is covered from nose to tail in grip tape to keep your feet in place and features a carrying handle so you can take the voyager wherever your adventures might lead. The over-sized Polyurethane wheels help the Voyager longboard easily go over bumps and cracks, and connect to the deck with fully adjustable trucks you can calibrate for perfect turns and stability.

The Voyager motor skateboard is exceptionally built with your safety in mind. It exceeds the stringent UL 2272 standards. The electronics and LI-FE battery are sealed by SWAGTRON’s patented Sentry Shield enclosure, protecting both the board and the rider. Like every SWAGTRON product, Voyager is covered by Swagtron with a 1 year limited warranty.

Experience the revolution in personal transportation. With SWAGTRON, adventures begin with your feet!

  • DUAL 350 WATT MOTORS – speeds up to 15mph for a distance of 15 miles. Supports 330lbs. Weight limit.
  • WIRELESS REMOTE – Displays speed and battery life, while also controlling acceleration, breaking and cruise control settings.
  • 42” CLASSIC LONGBOARD SHAPE – the size and style of longboard has that classic cool look and makes it easier for novice riders to master. Plenty of room to enjoy the ride.
  • 36V LITHIUM ION PHOSPHATE BATTERY – the voyager longboard uses a LI-FE battery which has a longer lifespan and is safer than standard Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • 8 PLY DECK – Made with a combination of 2 layers of bamboo sandwiching 6 layers of Canadian Maplewood making this board flexible, but very strong.
  • BUILT IN CARRYING HANDLE – makes the voyager easy to take with you wherever your adventures might lead.
  • OVER SIZED POLY-URETHANE WHEELS – allow the voyager electric longboard to easily cruise over bumps and cracks in the road.

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