The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Racing Drones

If you’re here, we can go out on a solid limb and assume you’re looking into buying yourself your very own racing drone.

But with so many variations available and even more terms (like quadcopter, rpv, and rtf) being casually tossed around, it is difficult to know which one is the perfect-fit for your drone-needs.

What you need to know…

Drones typically always come designed in an X or H-shape and lift themselves with 2 sets of propellers.

All quadcopter’s are built with an internal gyroscope to help keep the quad’s response time acute and an accelerometer – a commonly used device to help properly measure the drone’s acceleration rate, pitch, yawn, and roll. The accelerometer technology is extremely helpful in order to fine-tune its overall maneuverability and positioning. An added bonus you should seek in your drone is an automated emergency killswitch you can instantly activate in order to preserve the quad’s frame and integrity.

Too much? Okay, we’ll break it down to some simple basics.

Tips and tricks:

There are a few features and add-ons to consider while shopping around for your racing drone. From the quality of the camera to the amount of batteries to have on hand, it can be kind of tricky to nail down exactly what you need, but that’s why we’re here to help!

  1. 1. Flight time!

    A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the more affordable “beginner” quadcopters tend to have an average flight time of five to thirty minutes – the cheapest sporting flight times as short as five to ten minutes. This is dependent of the size and capacity of the drone’s battery. If you want to extend your flight time, it might be worth investing in some extra batteries.

  2. 2. Battery life!

    The average drone will come equipped with easily removable batteries. Many quadcopter enthusiasts carry three to four charged batteries on hand in order to get the most out of their flight times.

  3. 3. Camera!

    Cameras are pretty common drone accessories, but they can vary wildly in quality depending on the type of drone you buy. Sometimes, the camera may come as an add-on piece that owner’s install themselves. Aerial photography and videography is a great plus when racing your drone – sometimes viewing your route from above can improve your skills….or is just plain awesome.

    However, if you are seeking to capture professional landscape footage or take high-quality urban photos, you’ll want to look into drones that are FPV (first person viewing) and not so much a zippy racing drone.

    Also, understanding the type of camera you want is important as it may effect your drone’s battery life! If the camera is heavy, your quad will use more power to carry the hefty piece of equipment around.

  4. 4. Emergency Protocols!

    Not every drone comes equipped with this vital feature, and take our word for it, you’ll never regret investing in a drone designed with this!

    Be sure when researching for your dream quadcopter that you find one with an automated emergency protcol switch that activates the moment your drone registers as out of range. Meanwhile, dynamic locator alarm helps you find your drone and get back to flying!

So, where can you find the ideal drones with all four of these key features …and is really, flat-out fast?

Easy – SWAGTRON, the leading makers of electric rideables, has expanded into electric racing drones.

If you’re looking for the complete package, it is definitely worth investing in the SwagDrone 210-UP FPV Racing Drone.
Key Features Include:

  • ● Durable carbon fiber frame designed not only to protect the quad’s camera and motor, but also for quick, agile movements
  • ● An advanced 700 TVL camera with a field view of 120° – and additionally equipped acute night vision to ensure you capture clear footage no matter the low lighting
  • ● Designed with 3 user-friendly modes – Primary, Mid, and High – for whether your a beginning pilot or a seasoned drone racing expert
  • ● Flexible 5.8G mushroom antenna for issuing responsive commands from a maximum distance of 800 meters
  • ● Equipped with bright LED headlights to help shed a little light on your route
  • ● Emergency kill switch to help keep your drone from wandering too far and becoming lost!

The SwagDrone 210-UP hits all of the most vital features and design-needs that you’ll want to find in your more advanced racing drones.

However, if you’re in the market for something with a little less impact on your wallet, then the SwagDrone 150-UP is your go-to choice.

Key Features Include:

  • ● Built with a sturdy carbon fiber frame for lightweight and aerodynamic handling
  • ● 5.8G transmitter allows you to access your drone from as far as 500 meters
  • ● 600 VTL camera with 110° field view – capture and transfer real-time HD videos
  • ● 3 different modes – Primary, Mid, and High – for pilots of all skill levels and confidence
  • ● Equipped with bright LED headlights to help you see, no matter the time of day
  • ● Emergency kill switch to help keep your drone in-bounds and secure

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