Top 3 “Shovel-boarding” videos, put your hoverboard to work!

This winter season we’ve seen a whole new trend sweeping, or should I say “shoveling” across America. “Shovel-boarding” is here! Kids and adults everywhere are working smart instead of working hard, and having fun while doing it. Using their SWAGTRON hoverboards and a standard snow shovel, these talented riders are making quick work of this seasons driveway clearing.

We’ve put together the top 3 “Shovel-Boarding” videos so you can see the newest way to add some fun to your everyday chores, and inspire more people to find unique ways to put their hoverboard to work!

#1 – The Pro

With over 300,000 views this video posted by Steve Scherer is a perfect example of what an expert rider can do with a hoverboard and a snow shovel. He makes quick work of shoveling his long driveway as he seamlessly glides up and down the perimeter of his drive way, holding his snow shovel like a hockey stick creating a human-hoverboard hybrid snow plow.

#2 The Fail

Posted by YouTuber Jon Marco Gaydos this funny video showcases his attempt to snow shovel while riding his hoverboard in just his boxers and socks. This quickly backfires as the snow he is trying to shovel is too deep causing him to fall forward into it for a chilling surprise. A perfect example on what NOT to do this winter season.

#3 The Unexplained Banana

This bizarre video shows a New Jersey man, Adam Szyfman making the most of his hoverboard during the east coast blizzard that hit in January of 2016. He takes a different approach than our first video using the full range of the hoverboard gyroscopic control system to speed forward and then reverse. What sets this one apart isn’t the skill of the rider or the efficiency of his hover-shoveling, it’s the unexplained banana costume that he’s wearing.

This winter season put your hoverboard to work! Don’t have a hoverboard yet? Check out the full line available from SWAGTRON, including the unreleased SWAGTRON T6 all-terrain hoverboard which was featured at CES 2017!

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