The Best July 4th Electric Scooter Deals 2022!

Looking forward to the Fourth of July three-day weekend? Whether you’re at a lake, national park, or RV campground, there’s so much that you can do with electric scooters on 4th of July. Getting around a large campground or RV park can be a pain. Instead of walking or renting a golf cart, why not bring an electric scooter instead? Motor into town for the July 4th parade. Dash down to local restaurants or hit up the grocery store for cookout supplies. And round out the day by zipping to the beach to take in the fireworks show. The convenience of electric scooters shines– you won’t have to burn gas and find parking every time you leave the campsite. Now is the best time to gear up for your summer camping trip. SWAGTRON’s Ultimate 4th of July Electric Scooter Sale starts June 28th and sizzles through the holiday weekend. Take advantage of our lowest prices of the year and take your vacation to the next level.

$50 Off SWAGTRON Swagger-5 Boost


The Best Electric Scooter for Adults and Teens – SWAGTRON Swagger SG-5 Boost

The Best Electric Scooter for Adults and Teens
The Best Electric Scooter for Adults and Teens

The SWAGTRON SG-5 Boost is lightweight and portable, so you can move and maneuver it anywhere and everywhere.  Zig-zag through streets and trails as fast as 18 miles per hour or turn on the cruise control and coast down trails.  Go off the beaten path and take in waterfalls, overlooks, and historical landmarks that are hard to get to by car.  The puncture-proof 8.5” tires can handle well-used bike paths and bumpy trails.  The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame  supports riders up to 320 lbs., though it’s light enough to pick up and carry when you need to.

The e-scooter isn’t just a dream to ride—it easily folds up and packs away in your tent, trailer, or car.  There’s a single-click quick folding mechanism so you don’t have to struggle or pinch your fingers.  Quickly unfold when you want to hit the bike paths, or toss it in the trunk during a scenic drive.  Pull over and explore trails for a breath-taking view you’d never see from the car.  The long-range battery lasts up to 11 miles per charge, and fully charges in just 3.5 hours.  Not sure where the adventure will take you?  Access GPS with the SWAGTRON app, available for iPhone or Android smartphone.

Lightweight, nimble, and easy to ride, haul, maneuver, and park—the SG-5 electric scooter is hands down our pick for the ultimate camping accessory.

Person riding a SWAGTRON Swagger 5 Boost Electric Scooter

The Best Electric Scooter for Kids – SWAGTRON Swagger SK-1

The Swagger SK-1 Electric Scooter
The Swagger SK-1 Electric Scooter

Let your young adventurers have their own fun during your weekend trip.  They’ll make lasting memories when they bring along their own ride. 

The Swagger SK1 Kick-to-Start Electric Scooter is designed for children and young teens.  It’s easy to ride and control, and includes safety features that puts moms’ and dads’ minds at ease.  Kids ride it just like a kick scooter, but it’s got an extra motorized boost.  They hop on and kick to start the ride.  An electric speed boost of up to 6.2 MPH is incredibly fun, and it makes sure that your little ones won’t fall behind on the family walk or bike ride.

The Swagger SK1 Kick-to-Start Electric Scooter puts safety first.  Instead of a complicated throttle, the SK1 powers on based on how fast the kids are going.  This automatic safety feature doesn’t rely on buttons that are tough for little hands to operate.  There’s a weight sensor that quickly turns off the motor if your child starts to lose balance.  And there’s a manual footbrake to slow down if the ride gets too intense.  The SK1 is made for kids 5 and up.  Its adjustable handlebars and extra-wide deck supports kids up to 143 lbs.  The quick charge battery tops off in less than three hours, so they can juice up while they’re at the pool, visiting the zoo, or riding rollercoasters at the amusement park.


Camping is fun because it’s an experience.  You see the stars at night and wake up to the sound of birds.  And thanks to electric scooters, your family can roam the countryside, visit local attractions, and go on day trips you never thought possible.  And this is the best time to buy one, thanks to SWAGTRON’s 4th of July Sale

The SG-5 Boost and the SK1 are our top picks, but we have lots of other options for you to choose from.  Not ready for an electric scooter yet?  The SWAGTRON K8 is an affordable non-powered kick scooter for your camping trip.  It features extra-large 8-inch wheels, and it folds flat for maximum portability.

Check out our other Electric Scooter Deals or other products that will make this the perfect holiday.  This week we’re also featuring Electric Bike 2022 July 4th Sales & Deals and Hoverboard 2022 July 4th Sales & Deals.

And of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team via live chat.  Happy riding!



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