The Best July 4th Electric Bike Deals 2022!

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and our nation’s birthday is a fantastic time to get away with an electric bike.

E-bikes are perfect for traveling around a vacation destination or exploring trails and parks. On a bike tour, you can explore vistas and neighborhoods at your own pace. Toss an electric bike in the trunk or on your bike rack for your weekend road trip. Once you get to the hotel or campsite, unhook and unfold your bike and explore to your heart’s content.

Want to try an ebike but think that they’re too expensive? Then you’re in luck! This 4th of July, SWAGTRON is celebrating with our biggest sale of the year! Travel without limits this Independence Day with these great deals.

Person riding a SWAGTRON EB-5 Pro Plus Electric Bike

The Best Folding Electric Bike – SWAGTRON EB5 PRO PLUS

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The SWAGTRON EB5 PRO PLUS supports riders up to 264.5 lbs. and is backed by a one-year limited warranty.  This compact and powerful e-bike is a great choice, whether you’ll be blasting through trails or zipping through the RV park with the breeze in your hair.

Thanks to this e-bike’s fast-folding frame, storage and transport are simple. Toss it in the trunk and take it to the beach or campground.  This mini bike lets you pedal using leg power when sight-seeing, and goes full throttle like an electric motorcycle if you want a little extra oomph.The boosted 250-watt motor hits top speeds of 15mph and can go up to 15.5 miles on a single charge.  You can even take another battery with you!  Just swap it out for longer adventures. (Extra battery packs are sold separately. Click here to buy one!)  The quick charge battery tops off in less than five hours, so you can juice up while you’re catching rays at the beach, walking the zoo, or enjoying the nightlife. 

Ride in comfort with a height-adjustable seat and handlebar.  The 14-inch air-filled tires deliver smooth, stable rides — even on choppy pavement or rough trails.  Stopping quickly and safely is effortless with the EB5 PRO PLUS’s advanced braking features.  The motorized bike features an “Autoguard” that will fully disengage the motor when you use the brakes.  And dual disc brakes offer reliable stopping on uneven rocky roads and in wet conditions.

The Best Full Size Electric Cruiser Bike – SWAGTRON EB11

The Best Electric Bike - EB 5 Pro Plus
SWAGTRON EB11 Electric Bike

The EB11 e-bike is the most comfortable and easy-to-ride electric bike around.  The classic cruiser style features a cushy seat, wide handlebars, and fat tires.  Take in beautiful meadows, beach boardwalks, and spectacular scenery in total luxury.  The swept-back handlebars and the wide saddle let you ride with a more relaxed posture, with less strain on your shoulders and back.  It’s easy to hop on and off thanks to a low step-through frame, and the extra-wide, spring-supported saddle seat adjusts to whatever height feels best.

The 26-inch wheels and the shock-absorbing 2.125-inch tires make cracks in the pavement all but disappear.  The high-end Shimano 7-speed gear system uses precise index shifting to conquer steep inclines up to 25 degrees.  Breathe new life into bike trips, making daunting hills and roads a piece of cake.  Explore rugged terrain that’s unreachable by car, or just chill out on a leisurely ride through scenic trails.

Combined with a powerful 250 watt motor, the EB11 provides the best relaxed riding experience wherever the day takes you.  The electric bike can be used in three ways: 1) Leave the motor off and let your legs provide the power like a traditional bicycle. 2) Ride in pedal assist mode for an extra motorized boost.  Or 3) let the motor do all of the work, jetting up to 15 miles per hour with cruise control.

The battery lasts up to 26 miles and charges in just 5 hours.  The EB11’s battery is removable, so you can always have an extra battery on-hand, charged and ready to go.  (Extra battery packs are sold separately. Click here to buy one!)


Electric bikes are a great option for your July 4th vacation.  Riders can go faster, farther, and have more fun than ever.  And this is the best time to purchase, thanks to SWAGTRON’s Ultimate 4th of July Sale. 

The EB5 PRO PLUS and the EB11 are our top picks, but we have lots of other options for you to choose from.  Check out our other Electric Bike Special Offers, or other products that will make this the perfect three day weekend.  This week we’re also featuring Electric Scooter 2022 July 4th Sales & Deals and Hoverboard 2022 July 4th Sales & Deals.

And of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team via live chat.  Happy riding!



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