The Best Back to School Electric Scooter Deals 2022!

I wish that I had an electric scooter when I was in school. Sometimes I think about how much time I wasted walking from my apartment to class; walking to another class on the opposite end of campus; walking off-campus to grab lunch; jumping on the bus to head downtown for my part-time job; walking to the dorms to hang out with friends afterwards.

It would have saved so much time if I had a SWAGGER 5 Boost electric scooter.

And I wouldn’t have been all sweaty and gross from walking all day in the hot sun, so my crush in chemistry class might have actually talked to me.

$50 Off SWAGTRON Swagger-5 Boost


The Best Electric Scooter for Students – SWAGTRON Swagger SG-5 Boost

The Best Electric Scooter for Adults and Teens
The Best Electric Scooter for Adults and Teens

The SWAGTRON SG-5 BOOST is an affordable scooter that is the top pick for many college students.  It’s lightweight and you can easily fold it, which makes it ideal for carrying around in between classes.  Get to class on time thanks to a 37V battery that’s capable of producing an insane 300 watts of power.  This reaches speeds of 18 mph and a range of 11 miles.  You only need 3.5 hours to recharge its battery.

A sturdy aluminum frame supports up to 320 lbs, so you’re good to go even if you put on the “freshman 15.”  The honeycomb tires will never puncture or go flat.  What’s a honeycomb?  These tires use the same type of rubber as solid tires, but they are engineered with air pockets that make them less stiff.  Combined with exclusive AUTOGUARD disc brakes, it makes for a smooth, safe ride.

Another neat benefit is that, as one of the most popular electric scooter brands out there, SWAGTRON Swagger 5 fits any and every accessory under the sun.  Scooter accessory manufacturers probably design for this exact scooter, so most upgrades will fit it easily.  Add carrying bags, baskets, water bottle holders, locks, even wall mounts for your dorm room or apartment.

Here are a few of our official accessories, though most Amazon or eBay generics will also work to extend the fun and utility of your new ride.

Person riding a SWAGTRON Swagger 5 Boost Electric Scooter

The Four Most Important Electric Scooter Features for Students

Electric scooters are a lifesaver for college students.  Zipping through campus with ease and looking good doing it; sleeping in late and still getting to class on time; saving the money you would have spent on Uber and using it for pizza and beer instead.

So what features should college students look for in an electric scooter?  Speed isn’t the most important thing here, since you’ll be throttling down to accommodate pedestrians instead of hitting the open road.  The main things to consider are:

A. Range

Nobody wants to do the “walk of shame” carrying a dead scooter back to their dorm.  If you’re using an e-scooter to zip around campus, you might not be able to recharge it until the end of the day.  Make sure that it’s not going to run out of juice before your final class.

B. Cost

College students aren’t exactly known for not being broke.  But in our experience, the cheapest scooters on the market are poor value in the long run.  The build quality isn’t up to snuff, it will break if you look at it funny, and you’ll spend more time waiting for overseas “costumer service” to send you a replacement than actually, you know, riding the darn thing.

C. Portability

Compactness and portability are important to consider.  Is it lightweight?  Does it fold flat?  You’ll want to be able to carry it into class with you instead of locking it up outside.  And if you live in a dorm or a walk-up apartment?  Lugging it up the steps really shouldn’t be a workout.

D. Safety

Yeah, yeah: boring “adulting” stuff.  But weaving through crowded quads and sidewalks doesn’t come without some risk.  Who wants to date someone with busted teeth or a broken wrist after some jerk cut them off and yeeted them off their e-scooter?  Extra safety features like disc brakes, never-pop tires, and easy-to-learn controls might just be important after all.

So with that in mind, what is our pick for the best electric scooter for college students?


Going to college is awesome.  Walking to class or saving up for a car (then finding parking) is not.  The range and portability of e-scooters make them an ideal solution.  The Swagger-5 Boost combines all the best features and a great price. 

Not sure yet?  Looking for other options?  Our 2022 back to school event also has other fantastic Electric Scooter Deals  Not ready for an electric scooter?  The SWAGTRON K8 is an affordable non-powered kick scooter for student commuters.  It features extra-large 8-inch wheels, and it folds flat for maximum portability so you can fit it under your desk during class.

And of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team via live chat.  Happy riding!



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