Take Back Control Of Your Commute — How Electric Skateboards Free Your Route

It’s like a stale, old riddle told to death – what does everyone do but no one loves?
Answer: Commuting.

Sometimes it’s chasing after a bus only to march back to the stop and wait dejectedly. Other times it’s idling in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway while listening to the same song repeat on the radio, for a third time.

The average American throws away $1,400 annually on gas fees alone.

According to a census taken by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2014, the average American spends 26 minutes commuting to work. If we add up all those minutes for each American commuting citizen, the total average commute time for 2014 adds up to a staggering 1.8 trillion minutes.

That’s 1.2 billion days.

That’s all time we are never getting back. You shouldn’t spend that much of your life being bored.

Ditch the tedium. Skip the traffic crawl. Take control of your commute into your own hands and save time, money, and energy with an electric skateboard.

Don’t wait for the weekend to take an adventure – break the morning routine and make every commute a journey.

Why an electric skateboard…

Most childhood summers are spent barreling down a cul-de-sac, watching the black asphalt roll beneath the deck of a beaten up skateboard. And sometimes, that beaten skateboard was upgraded – to a better deck, stronger trucks, better bearings… Other times, some trade them in for a longboard, a penny board, or even an electric skateboard.

An electric skateboard is a great energy-saving way to infuse your everyday life with that carefree summer skating feeling. It saves you time, money, and doesn’t require you to push, so you’ll show up to work or your next hangout looking (and smelling) fresh. And really, who wants to show up to their next date looking like they just left the gym?

Most electric skateboards can take you up to a range of 10 to 20 miles total, meaning they can take you to and from wherever you need to be. Instead of being chained to the confines of your car, soaring gas prices, and expensive, regular maintenance fees, an electric skateboard will get you out of your car and outside.

What makes the Swagboard electric skateboard so special?

These boards give you your freedom back – right in the palm of your hand ….literally.
You’ll be able to accelerate, brake, and activate cruise control using the handheld remote control that wirelessly connects to your board seconds after turning it on.

Commute routes with steep hills won’t stand in your way, either. Feet planted firmly on your board, you can ride to the top of almost any hill without breaking into a sweat.

Able to take riders up to a maximum speed of 11 miles per hour, and with a charge time as short as 90-minutes, these boards are designed for everyday use. Pack your outlet charger in your bag and plug in your board underneath your work desk.

And you don’t have to chew your nails over the concept of leaving your electric board into charge, because SWAGTRON has worked their butts off to ensure…

Battery Care!

The 24v lithium ion battery is extremely eco-friendly and rechargeable. Each SWAGTRON rideable is put through a series of rigorous tests to ensure battery operation and receives UL-certification – meaning that these products have been evaluated and approved by UL for consumer use. Additionally, each rideable is designed with SWAGTRON’s own patented SentryShield battery technology, to guarantee your board, scooter, or bike is alright to charge in your home.

So your well-being is assured, but if you use your board every day to make your daily commute, you’re probably worried about wear-and-tear.

Durability & Repairs!

The Swagboard e-skateboard is built out of a sleek but sturdy maple wood deck for both flexible street carving and the durability to tackle whatever you throw its way.

The wheels are made out of a strong polyurethane treatment meant to absorb shock on some of your most bumpy rides, as well as remain preserved over time and prolonged exposure to your local sidewalk. The material is non-conductive and can withstand most forms of grease, cutting, oil, and your average, daily wear.

The entire SWAGTRON electric rideables line is specifically designed to bring the natural thrill of an adrenaline-filled adventure in every ride – but every ride can take its toll after a while. That’s why SWAGTRON offers a full-year warranty on all of their rideables.

SWAGTRON is happy to repair or replace any damaged parts for any original purchaser for up to one full year. So, no matter how much you use your board, we have your back.

Asking Price…

But maybe you’re not ready to spring for a board that’s worth thousands of dollars.

If you have a need for a new electric board but find yourself limited by a budget below other, expensive asking prices, it might be worth starting out with a Swagboard for less than $400 USD.

Afterall, freeing up your commute is about saving your expenses and sanity, not stressing out!

So, what’s the verdict?

Whether the snow season is too far off on the calendar or if you’re just plain old D-O-N-E chasing down buses on the street, your everyday life doesn’t have to be a daily repeat of the same drudgery. You don’t have to wait for the weekend to find a little adventure.

The morning commute is the way we all start out our day, and we should always be putting our best foot forward. Take a step on top of the deck of your very own electric skateboard and feel the added thrill in your day. Make getting to and from your destination that much more straight-up fun.

Your work day will feel more energized, you’ll get out from behind the wheel, and spend some much needed time outside. The best part? The more practice you put in, the more fun you’ll have.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your time back into your hands.

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