SWAGTRON’s visit to the Braille Skateboarding House

On Friday, the day we landed the first ever hoverboard railslide we were lucky to be invited to come hang out at the Braille Skateboarding House in San Leandra, CA during their first ever summer skate camp.  We brought along some friends from Sk8 Kamp and we had a grand ol’ time trying out some … Read More

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Lil Yachty rides SWAGTRON hoverboard during the Grammys

Lil Yachty Dances With SWAGTRON’s T3 Hoverboard In “It Takes Two” Remake A lot went down at the 2017 Grammys. Beyoncé performed what was described mostly as a religious experience, Adele took home Best Album, and hip-hop artist Lil Yachty rode a T3 SWAGTRON hoverboard. …Wait, what?? Is this real life? All right, pause. Let’s break … Read More

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What happens when you mix hoverboards and a trampoline park?!

It’s not grown up. It’s not sophisticated! It is however, rather leading edge. Take one indoor trampoline park, add kids with hoverboards! Far beyond that idea of kid’s crawling along the home driveway or around a nearby empty parking lot, here is a video of an indoor trampoline park full of kids and their hoverboards … Read More

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SWAGTRON Is Being Featured Live On PC Mag!!!

SWAGTRON was featured on PC Mag’s Facebook page live!!! Click the link to check it out! https://www.facebook.com/PCMag/videos/10154220369353396/ Live Hoverboard Review By PC Mag Watch a member of the PC Mag team ride in from behind on a new SWAGTRON T3! PC Mag reviews the battery indicator lights featured on the new SWAGTRON T3 PC Mag … Read More

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