SWAGTRON’s visit to the Braille Skateboarding House

On Friday, the day we landed the first ever hoverboard railslide we were lucky to be invited to come hang out at the Braille Skateboarding House in San Leandra, CA during their first ever summer skate camp.  We brought along some friends from Sk8 Kamp and we had a grand ol’ time trying out some … Read More

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A Quest For The Best Self Balancing Scooter Blogs

We’ve decided to make a quest out online to find quality bloggers who enjoy a passion for ridebles and understand the whole world of it, specifically hoverboarding and the different types of uses for hoverboards now out there. I’m actually surprised that there aren’t more businesses using hoverboards for their business. For example, I took … Read More

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How Does a Hoverboard Work?

When you are flying down the city sidewalk breezing by folks walked to and from work, have you ever asked yourself: how does a hoverboard work? We wanted to give you insight into the rad technology underneath. After all, it’s just science! What’s are the parts inside? There are quite a few parts below the … Read More

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The Best Self Balancing Scooter for $200

Hoverboards are definitely not cheap. We have a solution for the decision-making budget bosses of the house to help you find a hoverboard under $200. With so many options on the market from new to used items, we wanted to collect some reasons to consider the refurbished route. The product has most if not all … Read More

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What is the MAX speed of a SWAGTRON hoverboard?

Transcript Hey riders, gliders, and thrill seekers! My name is Aaron Kronis, I’ve been skating my whole life, and I’m over here at SWAGTRON headquarters to answer any and all of YOUR questions about hoverboards, electronic skateboards, e-scooters or bikes… I recently got a question from our buddy, George Mitchell, via email regarding hoverboard speed, … Read More

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SWAGTRON on What’s Trending Live!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Calling all riders, gliders, thrill seekers, and What’s Trending fans! Today, Thursday, March 30th, SWAGTRON is giving away a FREE Swagger electric scooter LIVE with the What’s Trending gang over on their Live.ly stream. To throw your hat into the ring for a chance to win this fast, eco-friendly whip, all you … Read More

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Lil Yachty rides SWAGTRON hoverboard during the Grammys

Lil Yachty Dances With SWAGTRON’s T3 Hoverboard In “It Takes Two” Remake A lot went down at the 2017 Grammys. Beyoncé performed what was described mostly as a religious experience, Adele took home Best Album, and hip-hop artist Lil Yachty rode a T3 SWAGTRON hoverboard. …Wait, what?? Is this real life? All right, pause. Let’s break … Read More

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Happy Valentine’s Day Hoverboard Sale

Fall in love with hoverboards all over again! Valentine’s day is finally here, and we are going all out to show our riders just how much we love them! Enjoy this short video of a hoverboard love story. Swagtron Valentine’s Day Sale – All that and a bag for your hoverboard Roses are red, Violets are … Read More

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