SwagRoller Unicycle: ‘[No] Hands’ Down the Best Electric Unicycle

Swagtron’s latest brain child is the brand new electric unicycle, the Swagtron SwagRoller Unicycle. Drop the second wheel on your SwagCycle and learn to ride UNI. Mastering the motorized unicycle is simple and easy with self balancing Dynamic Equilibrium Technology (DET). With the sizzling months are approaching quickly, Swagtron SwagRoller Unicycle’s sleek design is the … Read More

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Exclusive Sneak Peek: SwagRoller Self Balancing Unicycle by SWAGTRON!

Introducing the newest innovation to come rolling out of SWAGTRON doors–the SwagRoller! The SwagRoller looks a lot like a unicycle that wandered off the set of Tron, and that’s because it basically is. It’s the unicycle reimagined–an electric unicycle! Now, at first impression, the SwagRoller looks challenging to ride. I’m sure you’re already picturing yourself … Read More

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