If You Read One Article About Electric Scooters, Read This One

At one point or another, you’ve thought “Electric Scooter” and pictured this: Another time, you might have imagined something more like this, ala Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday: Or if you were a kid during the great kick-scooter crazy of the early 2000’s, you were definately picturing this: The fad came on … Continued

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How to ride the Swagger electric scooter

So you finally took the plunge and committed to your Swagger electric scooter. First thing’s first: congrats, welcome to the club. We’re glad to have you. Second, let’s talk about your Swagger – specifically how to use it. You might not need an in-depth tutorial, but in case anyone has any questions or it’s your first … Continued

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