All Terrain Hoverboard. Never look at sidewalks the same way.

The electric rideables game has changed. No longer are these kid’s toys or pogo sticks. Remember when skateboarding was considered a fad? Well as of now it has become an OLYMPIC SPORT and I can realistically only see more organized things happening for electric rideables in the future. I know there are already several electric rideables … Read More

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Back to the Future vs. Present Hoverboards: What is the Difference?

Ever since the premiere of Back to the Future II in November of 1989, the mainstream public has been understandably obsessed with the idea of levitating boards. And, I mean, it’s not hard to get why–a floating skateboard without wheels? Who would turn that down? And the way Marty McFly literally performed the hovering equivalent … Read More

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