SWAGTRON’s visit to the Braille Skateboarding House

On Friday, the day we landed the first ever hoverboard railslide we were lucky to be invited to come hang out at the Braille Skateboarding House in San Leandra, CA during their first ever summer skate camp.  We brought along some friends from Sk8 Kamp and we had a grand ol’ time trying out some of their obstacles with different rideables ranging from the folding SwagCycle e bike  to several of SWAGTRON’s Voyager Electric Skateboard products.

Gabe seemed to be really into the SwagCycle, so without any delay he hit the parking lot on that thing for quite some time.

We enjoyed moving around some of the ramps and obstacles in the Braille House to try and land some new interesting tricks. We got some backside air transfers on the 2′ launch ramps against the wall then started playing around with the boxes and the rails looking for trick ideas. Some of the Braille skate campers were testing out trick ideas such as having a harness for both feet to allow for ‘jumping’ over ollieing. This allows kids to try tricks they normally can’t. Which is what we love about places like the Braille Skateboarding House. Creativity with skateboarding never ceases to amaze me, but now we have all these other devices to add into the mix. It will never get boring and we’ll never run out of skateable, rideable things to try.

Skateboarding at an adult age seems even more bizarre when you add electric skateboarding and then electric unicycles and hoverboards into the mix. This is a lot like what Warren Miller would call ‘snowriding’. He’s a well known ski/snow film director who for years promote all types of winter sports. I remember watching ‘snowriders 2′ and thinking, “skiier / snowboarding, who cares hit the jump!”. Years later, we have the x-games and for things like rideables. If you can skate, you can probably hoverboard. An electric skateboard is transportation and an e bike, well that’s just pure fun in the sun, especially at the SoCal beaches like Newport and Huntington Beach.

So after discussing what tools we would need to add rails to our hoverboards, rather than wasting precious time at the Braille House, we decided to NOT initially put rails on the hoverboard.

Now this is really only possible because the T6 has 10″ air-filled tires and rugged wheels that are good for 1’ step drops without unbalancing and also the 400 lbs. weight limitation really kicks in as our friend, Aaron, weigh about 175-180 pounds. When he landed on the rail, it would have been a significant amount of force that smaller hoverboards would likely break from. Please, don’t try this with a non-off-road hoverboard! We would recommend not trying this at home, as this was done in a professional skateboarding facility with trained professionals. This probably would not work on regular hoverboards and would ONLY try railslides with the T6 All Terrain Hoverboard and with protective gear all around, if at all. Remember this thing has two 400 watt motors, equal to 800 watts of power!

Also, because Aaron USE RAILS on my anti-hero deck, he can do neat things like turn from railslide to 50/50. This is hard to fathom, but very easy with rails, very hard with no rails, try to get into a hurricane or feeble from a sitting boardslide with no rails.

This all led up to this happening at Braille.

Aaron took the skateboard platforms with metal edges and moved them in such a configuration that he could ride the hoverboard with the right height and just enough speed, while making a bit of an interesting line out of it, to slide the rail. Now there was a longer rail and Aaron tempted to try it next time… we’ll see if that happens, but for now he was comfortable with being the first one to do this railslide on an off-road T6 hoverboard. The air filled tires really make this hoverboard fun to ride, it feels like BMX bike tires on both of your feet. After a few weeks of practice, you can start to feel a lot more ‘second nature’ on the hoverboards. Even this morning when Aaron took his car to get an oil change, he was able to hoverboard 2 miles to eat breakfast without breaking a sweat. Had he been skating or walking? He would have been drenched in this Southern California summer heat. So all hail the T6 for not laziness, but effective transportation during those ‘last mile’ moments when the car is unavailable or parked.

Here’s what the T6 off-road hoverboard looks like in action:

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