SwagTron Hoverboard – Whistles Promo Video

Hoverboard Promotion Video, Swag Is Life

Check out this cool Swagtron Promo Video! Check out the cool and innovative ways kids and adults are using their Swagtron hoverboard.Hello everyone and welcome to SwagTron!!! To reflect how innovative and improved our new models are, we will be changing the name from Swagtron to SwagTron! The SwagTron T1 and T3 are the Future of Hoverboards! They feature new state of the art functions including speakers, new durable shell, rubber guards, aluminum carved wheels, and more! Click the link to order your SwagTron T1 now! The SwagTron T3 is scheduled to be released later this year. Also don’t forget to follow us on other social media! That’s right, everything is changing! And above all, don’t forget to like our video and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date about sales and even giveaways!

SwagTron Hoverboard Order Link: SwagTron Hoverboard T1 & T3

SwagStore Link: Hoverboard Shop

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