SWAGTRON the most fun booth @ CES 2017

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas is recognized as the authoritative showcase of the up-and-coming in cutting edge technology – and the SWAGTRON team wasted no time in rolling out our full slate of dynamic rideables at the 2017 CES stage. Famous for our best-selling T-line hoverboards, SWAGTRON unveiled how we are kicking it up a notch for our 2017 line-up and quickly became the most sought-after booth in the South Hall.

The booth was recreated as a miniature skate park where guests were welcome to hop on any of our hoverboards, electric skateboards, longboards, electric bicycles, electric scooters and go for a ride. Visitors included officials from popular online tech journal, The Verge, and even video game journalism titan, IGN, among many others.

The fun didn’t stop at demos, though, as our team put together a surprise performance with Bot Broz hoverboard dancers. Ever tried dancing with a hoverboard? We don’t always recommend it, but it’s amazing to see skilled professionals execute a unique routine – check it out below!

This CES also marked the first time we premiered our brand new electronic surfboard, SwagSurf. Mashable described it as “a hoverboard for the ocean” and went on to observe that the board serves as either a surfboard or a paddleboard and can take you up to 15 miles per hour in the water.


Mashable described it as “a hoverboard for the ocean”

Other honorable mentions that made their debut at this year’s CES include the SwagCycle (a pedal-free, urban electronic bike that reaches a speed of 15mph!) and the Swagroller our new electric unicycle.


Self Balancing Unicycle

 IGN hailed as “something out of Pixar’s Wall-E”


No matter your personal transportation needs, the SWAGTRON team has you covered with our increasingly diverse line of electronic rideables. Every board, bike, and scooter we make are equipped with our patented Sentry Shield technology. This makes us the number one brand in battery quality. Bonus: making the switch to a SWAGTRON whip means zero emissions, actively lowering your carbon footprint.

Not convinced? By all means, don’t just take our word on our CES success. Here’s our favorite blurb from Sean O’Kane over at the Verge describing his experience after leaving the SWAGTRON booth:


“You cannot stop SWAGTRON. You can only hope to contain SWAGTRON.” – The Verge

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