We met up with CleanTechnica in Las Vegas a few months ago during CES to give them the rundown on all things SWAGTRON® 2019. They were so impressed with the lineup, they insisted on getting their hands on one of our current stars, the EB5 Pro folding electric bike, to run through its paces in real-world scenarios.

CleanTechnica is an authority all things clean tech from electric cars to solar energy and, you guessed it, electric bikes, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get their take on one of our favorite folding ebikes.

Spoiler alert: they loved it.

Swagtron sent us the EB5 Pro, which is a small ebike compared to most adult-sized bikes, but is still comfortable for me to ride, and I’m 6’2″ | 188cm tall. The beauty of the bike is that it is built for utility. Swagtron bills it as a pro city and campus bike and that is spot on. This little guy is well-suited for use on campuses or in city centers … I threw my tall frame onto the bike for a 12-mile roundtrip to one of my local cafes and found that the charge held up quite nicely. I’m larger than average, and really put the thing to the test with lots of acceleration and generous use of the throttle and had plenty of battery left when I returned. That makes it a great last mile transportation solution for so many commuters.”

Read the full review on CleanTechnica.com.

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