SWAGTRON rideables at CES 2017 in Las Vegas!

Come get your Swag on with the SWAGTRON team at CES January 5th-8th, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 4 Booth#35723. We have a major display area at the largest technology gathering. 2.47 million square feet of exhibition space and 177 thousand attendees. This is the place to be and SWAGTRON will be in the center of it all. Come visit us and check out SWAGTRON’s full line from hoverboards, to electric skateboards, longboards, electric bicycles, scooters and more!

Here is what we’ll be featuring at CES 2017:

Swagger Electric Scooter

Tired of your long trek from the bus stop or train station? Hop on, hit the throttle and go, the SWAGTRON Swagger makes reaching your destination easy and invigorating. The Swagger is an ultra- folding carbon fiber motorized scooter that will revolutionize the way you think about personal transportation.

Ditch the traffic and take to  the sidewalks and alleyways as the Swagger’s 250 watt motor accelerates up to 15mph with a range of 15 miles and supports up to 250lbs. A full featured backlit LED display notifies you of your speed and distance, allows you to set cruise control, and displays the remaining battery life. While an ultra-bright LED headlight will help you navigate your commute day or night. Best of all the Swagger folds down at the touch of button so you can bring it anywhere. Whether it be a short commute from work, school, bus-stop, or train station, Swagger is good for the last mile!

Voyager Longboard

Longboarding creates an exhilarating rush of excitement, but it can be hard to find a decent hill that is protected from the dangers of traffic. Now you can feel the sensation of a downhill longboarding experience anywhere, with the Voyager electric longboard by SWAGTRON!

Grab the wireless remote and go! This 42” classic shaped longboard features dual 350 watt motors that help you reach a top speed of 15MPH, and can propel you for a distance of up to 15 miles. The 8-ply board is made of bamboo and Canadian maple wood making it strong but flexible, combined with the smooth rolling polyurethane wheels, the Voyager will give you the thrilling experience you’re looking for no matter where you are!

T5 Hoverboard

You finally made the decision to go for that hoverboard! Then step aboard the SWAGTRON T5. This is the best entry level self-balancing, personal transporter. When you’re not quite ready for the bigger, fancier hoverboards, the T5 is just for you.

The little brother to the heavy hitting T3 and industry standard T1, the SWAGTRON T5 deploys the same dramatic gyroscopic technology that totally revolutionizes the way you travel. Control steering and stopping by using your balance. It’s called Dynamic Equilibrium, and it’s all based on the shifting of your body weight. You lean – It responds! You can do this! Simple to operate, easy to control, and they look incredibly cool!

The T5 is lighter than other hoverboards at 18 lbs. but carries loads up to 187 lbs. while still rolling along at up to 7 mph for a full 7 miles. Solidly constructed, the SWAGTRON T5 employs only the highest quality components and industry-leading features. This T5 makes hoverboard riding secure and more fun. Ready to roll for the first time? Get the T5 SWAGTRON, the best beginner board.

T6 All-Terrain Hoverboard

Go beyond where the smooth pavement ends and venture into the rugged off-road world with the SWAGTRON T6 all-terrain hoverboard. Your adventures don’t have to end with the road, conquer rough terrain with durable, air-filled 10″ rubber tires that provide dependable traction and stability. The tough off-road body design screams RAD from the get-go and can support up to 420lbs! Each T6 is built with non-slip footpads, rubber bumpers, LED headlights, keeping you secure on even your wildest adventures.

SWAGTRON goes above and beyond the competition with dual 350 watt motors that power the T6 up to 8 miles per hour for a range of 11 miles. Additionally the T6 has all the features you’ve come to love, such as built-in blue tooth speakers that can sync with your phone or music device to add music to your adventures. And don’t forget to download the new SWAGTRON APP that can be used to monitor battery life, view your route history and cycle through the 3 riding modes. Take the limits off your adventures with the SWAGTRON T6 all-terrain hoverboard.

T3 Hoverboard

If you’re looking for the best hoverboard experience, the search is over. Flagship of the SWAGTRON line, T3  is the rugged, bigger, bolder personal transporter that riders of all ages crave. Equipped with Bluetooth speakers you can now roll to your favorite music by connecting your phone or music device directly to the hoverboard!

The T3 is one of the most powerful hoveboards available. Featuring an upgraded 350-watt dual motor it cruises at 8 mph with a range of 11 miles before re-charging and support up to 220lbs. When it comes to personal transportation we go above and beyond the competition with special features like the SWAGTRON hoverboard App for Android and IOS. The App can be used to monitor battery life, view your route history and cycle through the riding modes, but it doesn’t stop there. The T3 also features led headlights and turning signals, as well as non-slip footpads and sturdy rubber tires to keep you protected and stable. While the patented Sentry Shield battery housing protects the batteries and electronics of your hoverboard.

Don’t accept the imitators, the T3 is the ultimate hoverboard experience.

T+ Handlebar for T3 Hoverboard

Need some extra control and confidence with your T3 hoverboard? Introducing the T+ Handlebar – a completely detachable, fully adjustable, telescopic, rugged carbon fiber, full balance handlebar exclusively for the SWAGTRON T3.

The T+ Handlebar telescopes up to just the right height for any rider, a ball-in-socket joint adjusts to the exact angle to suit any person, and tightens down solidly. An exclusive bracket, means your T+ was fitted exactly to your T3 hoverboard…no other can use it!

Adventures Begin With Your Feet! But now, the rest of you can get fully involved. T+ handlebars offer support, stability and additional balance of your hoverboard; that added level of confidence to roll at full throttle

T1 Hoverboard

The T1 Hoverboard by SWAGTRON has quickly become the most popular personal transporters available. By focusing on the customer experience, SWAGTRON T1 sets the industry standards for quality and features.

The Gyroscopic technology is controlled by dynamic equilibrium, simply shift your body weight and the T1 takes off! Confidently cruise streets at up to 8 mph over an 11 mile range as LED indicators keep track of remaining battery life.  Cycle between three learning modes, helping you go from a hoverboard novice to becoming a pro.

SWAGTRON’s got your back, the T1 is outfitted with the latest in technology. The battery is protected by a patented Sentry Shield Battery enclosure and is backed by a UL2272 certification. While the non-slip footpads, rubber bumpers and LED headlights keeps you secure as you zoom about the neighborhood.

Get the original SWAGTRON T1, the hoverboard that started a revolution in personal transportation.


The Swagboard electric skateboard takes skateboarding to the next level! Whether you’re shredding skate parks or cruising the town, Swagboard is ready to roll. The Swagboard charges in just 90 minutes, and travels up to 10 miles with a max speed of 11 MPH. The motorized skateboard uses a UL2272 certified 24V Li-On Fe battery with patented Sentry Shield technology for extra security providing multilayered battery protection that exceeds all current battery quality requirements, you can ride knowing that the Swagboard has got your back!

Sync up the SWAGTRON motorized skateboard with its wireless remote to accelerate, decelerate, or engage the cruise control feature allowing the rider to maintain speed without touching the throttle. Going fast has never been this effortless!

SwagCycle Hybrid City Bike

Make spending time in traffic a thing of the past with the SwagCycle Hybrid City Bike by SWAGTRON. This sleek and stylish eBike is perfect for long trips or city commutes. Take full advantage of the bike-lane as you zoom by the gridlock of cars using a combination of pedaling and the built in electric motor that propels you up to 40 mph and can go for up to 55 miles! Charge up hills with ease as the dynamic motor senses and adjusts to your speed and incline.

This eco-friendly electric bicycle produces zero emissions and uses a powerful Panasonic 18650 lithium battery pack, so you can reduce your carbon footprint while having fun. Turn every trip into an adventure with the SwagCycle Hybrid City Bike by SWAGTRON.

SwagCycle Electric Bicycle 

Swagcycle by SWAGTRON, is an affordable, compact, zero emissions personal transportation device that looks like a compact bicycle but rides like a motorcycle. Using a high-capacity 36v lithium-ion battery the electric motorbike zooms through your neighborhood at 15 miles per hour, the battery lasts for up to 15 miles and re-charges in as little as 2.5 hours making the electric bicycles perfect for daily commutes and spontaneous adventures.

Whether you are a young adventurer or a commuting adult the SwagCycle motor bicycle has all the features you want and a few you might not have even thought about. First the 29lb aerospace grade aluminum frame folds for convenient storage and portability and can support up to 264lbs. Next there are a plethora of controls at your fingertips. From the handle bars you can; accelerate, brake, check the status of the battery, turn on the headlight, and even honk the horn. The SwagCycle e-cycle is designed for the best all-around riding experience and is even equipped with a USB outlet on the battery to charge your electronic devices. Enhance your ride by bringing along your phone or ipod and add music to your adventure or get directions from Siri the possibilities are endless with the SwagCycle by SWAGTRON.

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